Let's Name The Next Xbox

The next Xbox might be called Xbox 8. Or Microsoft recently grabbed that web address for some other purpose (possibly holding it for the release of the eighth Xbox in the year 2060).

But if not "Xbox 8", what should the makers of the next Xbox call this thing? Let's help them.

Names They've Considered

Xbox 720: This one shows up in that "leaked" 2010 Microsoft planning document for the next Xbox, the one that seems-more-real-because-their-lawyers-tried-to-stop-you-from-reading-it. Pro: 720 is twice the number that 360 is. Con: It's an otherwise meaningless number. Unless! Hey, Microsoft, do you want to make your next console seem like its a radio station? Then keep it locked to XBOX 720 on your AM dial.

Durango: This is Microsoft's codename for the next Xbox. Like Natal (which became Kinect), it's just the name of a place that's taking the place of a final product name. (Someone at Microsoft loves picking codenames by throwing darts at maps.)

Names They Should Maybe Consider But Also Maybe Should Not

Xbox: Just that. Xbox. It seems to be working for Apple, which stubbornly has called its third iPad the iPad and not iPad 3. We live in an eco-friendly world where corporations do their part by helping to recycle names. We've seen it with "Tomb Raider", "Mortal Kombat", "George Bush" (joke!), "Need for Speed: Most Wanted" and the world's least-needed cinematic re-boot, "Spider-Man". Bring on ... the Xbox! It's the green thing to do.

Xbox 3: The new machine is going to be the third Xbox. This is a highly unlikely name, though, since the world just had a PlayStation 3 and might soon be getting a PlayStation 4.

Xbox 4: Yeah, just skip Xbox 3! Go to 4. This would be like when those who finished playing Final Fantasy III and got Final Fantasy VII next. Sort of. They could say that the Xbox 360 slim was the Xbox 3? Maybe?

Kinect 2.0: Bah. Who talks about Xbox anymore? (Aside from all the Microsoft people who talk about adding "Xbox" branding to Windows 8. Let's forget they are talking, for the moment). Kinect is the hot thing. Kinect's got the buzz. Remember when people called the Internet "the Internet" before just calling it Facebook? Great example, right? Let's do it, MS. Kinect 2.0: It Reads Fingers (and plays Halo video games if you still want to touch one of those controllers.)

Xbox 65: Actually, no.

Xbox U: Because, you know, the Xbox and the Wii U are nearly the same thing, according to unbiased personnel.

Xbox 1080: MMM. Nah.

XboxStation: I believe this was a joke suggestion from one of my colleagues.

SkrilleXbox: This too, I hope.

The Legend of Xbox: Skyward Sword: OK, that's absurd. So are: YBox, WhyBox, YNotBox, Xboxx, ZuneTV, KinexBox, KineX.

NextBox: Not terrible, compared to the ones just mentioned.

Surface Box: Nope.

XBin: At this point, I apologise for wasting any more of your time. But not before I toss in other team suggestions that suggest that some members of the Kotaku team reply to my e-mails only while suffering heatstroke: XCube, Halo Box, Your Mom's Box (Paraphrasing the Kotaku editor who suggested this one: "Because that's how kids talk on Xbox Live"), NetflixBox, Xbox^2, X=BX^2, XSquare, XYZ Box, and Ex-Box.

Xbox Evolution: Well-intended, but no.

Xbox Next: Sorta works.

Xbox Now: So does that.

Maybe they should just stick with Durango.


    Xbox Next is decent. I like X station and Xbox 3


    Isn't it rumoured to be called the 'Xbox 8'?

      Turn it around, Xbox Inifinite. Works for me. :P

        Xbox Infinite was my first thought when I read they registered xbox8. Cloud gaming Xbox? Its possibilities would be effectively infinite if it had relatively little actual computing to do, with Microsoft upgrading hardware on their end instead.

    Perhaps the "Xbox 8" is a convenient way of typing "Xbox ∞". Just a thought.

      Thats what i thought aswell. Xbox Infinite sounds pretty cool.

    Xbox720 is the most realistic. Also, it's traditional for American consoles to have a 'version' number. The rest just sound too commercialist, what a group of board of directors would choose, who probably think the macarena is the in thing still...

    Come on folks, it's obvious. 1080, not 720.

    SexBox720 with "Pinect 2.0" - endorsed by Ron Jeremy...

    BOE..... Box of Outdated Equipment.. well it will be a month or so after launch... :-P

      Do you play the video games on a computer?

      heil Das fuhrer.

      Go back in your box master race nob

    Xbox 3 - KISS (keep it simple stupid).

      It won't be XBox 3. The whole point of calling the current model the 360 was so that they weren't still at 2 while Playstation was at 3.

    Eggs Box.

      Because they break so easily.

      Cha cha cha.

    Yeah. Seriously. It's going to be the XBox Infinity. Which basically leaves Microsoft absolutely nowhere to go when they have to name the next one.

      Who says there's going to be another one, my guess is they'll have a revision of the infinity a few years after release optimised for cloud gaming and this whole "gen" concept will disappear from the mainstream.

      Just call it the Xbox Infinity 2, or Xbox Infinity 720, or Xbox Infinity 8, or ....

    XBox 180

    Console technology is slowing down the advancement of gaming.

      If Battlefield 3 (PC) is something that can be done whilst around today's console technology, then imagine what could be done during the next generation.

      Yeah it's slowing it down. But if a developer cares enough, good games can be created.

    'That thing that sits in the corner gathering dust while I play PC games'


    Xbox 8 is most likely. Windows 8, Win 8 Phones, Windows 8 Surface tablet... Xbox 8... they're making a big push with windows 8 as a platform across all products...

    The 8 turned on its side is the symbol for Infinite or Infinity. For me, Microsoft registering 'xbox8' definitely points in the direction of Xbox Infinite or Xbox Infinity.

      The Xbox Infinite argument gets even stronger when you consider the potential plans for portable AR Glasses in that recent allegedly leaked document.
      (Or has that been thoroughly debunked? I haven't been keeping track.)

    ZuneTV, ahahaha!

    I say Xbox 8 so it is inline with Windows 8.

    the new xBox.

    Xbox 3 won't happen, because the uninformed public will see "xbox 3" vs "playstation 4" and think the PS4 is obviously the more recent model. I believe that's why they didn't use Xbox 2 as well.

    Since they already have the "360" moniker, why not "Xbox Revolution"?
    Just to REALLY steal the thunder from Nintendo (Wii's code name was Revolution).

    (I also really like Xbox Infinity, and Xbox 8 is more likely)

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