Link Ponders The Mystery Of Gerudo Sex

Funny, if only because he's saying what most teenagers were wondering at the time. And are still wondering about almost fourteen years later.

link ponders life [OMOCAT]


    It's simple. During raids by the Gerudo thieves, the either a) take men back to their camps/cities for ransom and do what they do or b) rape men when they attack villages.

      I thought they disguised themselves and went to Hylian bars to pick up guys, sleep with them, rob them and then split. Nah, the Gerudo reproduction isn't an issue. Now, the all-male Gorons on the other hand...

        They're born of the stone, like dwarves, right?

          Yeah, just like that. Only...Less Beardy, Thank Armok.

      Death by snu-snu!

    Didn't anyone play HyruleOcarina of Time? There's a man in Hyrule Market who says that the Gerudos come to the market looking for "boyfriends". I'm pretty sure he's the man on the balcony and I think you have to wear the Gerudo mask.


    They also kidnapped the carpenters for a reason, they use they as a sex slaves.

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