M. Bison Wants To Take Over The (Art) World

There's an art show opening next Friday in LA called Combo Attack. It's a celebration of all things Street Fighter, and will include the work of over 50 artists.

One of them is Aled Lewis, whose series of Street Fighter pixel art images are just wonderful. You can see them below, on the internet, or you can see them in person next Friday night at iam8bit's gallery at 2147 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles.

I've seen a lot of pop culture riffs on Jacques-Louis David's classic painting Napoleon Crossing the Alps, perhaps too many, but this is now my new favourite.

We've featured Aled's work here before. Guy is pretty talented, I guess.

COMBO ATTACK: 25 Years of Street Fighter [Combo Attack]

Aled Lewis [Aled Lewis]


    After seeing Jacques-Louis David’s classic painting Napoleon Crossing the Alps in Melbourne last weekend all those riffs seem very meh. It original is breathtaking. Amazing propaganda.

    However I would love to this show to.

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