Man Dies After Playing Diablo III For 40 Hours

An 18-year-old Taiwanese man has been found dead after booking himself a room at a local internet cafe and playing Diablo III for 40 hours straight.

Identified only by his surname, Chang, the teenager reportedly didn't eat for two days and was found by an employee on Sunday morning slumped over a table. After being woken, "he stood, took a few steps and then collapsed". Rushed to hospital, he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

While an autopsy is yet to be carried out, authorities suspect "that long hours in a sedentary position created cardiovascular problems", which would ultimately have led to his death.

Taiwan teen dies after gaming for 40 hours [The Australian — thanks Paulie!]


    and we're sure he didn't just die of boredom?

      I'm sorry, can't people have fun with something that doesn't interest you?

        Im sorry Glenn cant people make fun at something that doesnt interest them?


    Clearly wasn't ready for hardcore mode.

    Brilliant work. I suppose this is a better outcome than the Chinese couple who played WoW and let their kid starve to death. As one does...

    Wow....just wow, that's really sad, like depressing not pathetic, to think that someone that young essentially had a heart attack from gaming too many hours. I think I might take a walk the next hundred times I feel like playing games.

      Not a heart attack. He developed a deep venous thrombus (DVT - a clot in the veins in your legs) from not moving for too long. Then when he stood up, a large piece of the clot broke off and travelled up into the arteries in his lungs, where it became lodged and prevented any further blood flow through his lungs (a pulmonary embolus). Without blood flowing through his lungs, no more oxygen was getting into his blood, and his brain became starved of oxygen - which is why he collapsed. He would have died shortly thereafter.

      The same thing can happen to people on long-haul plane flights.

    This was bound to happen, as it will with any "always on" type of game like Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft (using those two as examples as they're the most prominent of games that have had deaths related to long durations of play).

    More games should employ the same things that various free-to-play games do, and that's a lockout or popup message feature that tells you that you've been playing too fucking long.

      So because of some idiots who can't un plug I should have a lockout?

      Just make a new account if you get locked out. It won't stop them.

      Just because Diablo 3 is always online doesn't mean there is no pause. Also it's Diablo so Town Portal is essentially pause.

      The lock out in free to play games can be countered by spending money, usually that's what they do.

    I’m assuming that at some stage internet cafes will be held responsible for not allowing people to play over a certain number of hours.

      In Aus they have a duty of care to check, I forget how often I think it's, every 8-14 hours to make sure you're okay and to send you outside, but if this happened in Taiwan, who knows.

    thats realy realy crazy, ok diablo 3 was good i know i got th e Collectors edition BUT HE DIED!
    clearly the guy had bigger problems. I wish he had some help b4 that happend.

    article titles should be "Man dies because he was an idiot"... seriously... what a moron...

    This is what internet cafes should do

    After every 3-4 hours, ask the customer to take a 15-20min break.

    If they refuse, kick them out and shut down the computer.

    (all the anti-gamers would LOVE this)

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