Mario Art Made Out Of Cotton And Felt Needs To Be On My Wall

These pieces of art, made perfect for your wall, were created out of cotton and felt and other fabrics. They're part of an exhibit called "Sew Nerdy: A Geek Craft Extravaganza", so these pieces will be on show until August 11.

Unfortunately they run from $US60-$US100, which isn't too terrible, but not enough for me to warrant as a wall decoration purchase. Particularly because my mum is quite skilled with a needle and thread. Still, these look great.

Sew Nerdy [Bear and Bird via Love and a Sandwich]


    Make them yourself. Seem like they are just on the hoops used for when doing needle stitch. Pretty sure I could make these for less than $20 each quite easily.
    Though in saying all that they are well done.

      Don't you know? All the US writers are so talentless that they can't even comprehend how other people make even the simplest of things, let along taking on such a gargantuan task themselves.

      Or at least so I have been led to believe from how they speak of anything anyone makes ever.

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