Mario's First Kart Was, Well, A Little Crap

I'm guessing this is an advertisement of some sort for NES Open Tournament Golf or, as it was known in Japan, Mario Open Golf, a Nintendo Entertainment/Famicom golf game first released in 1991.

One of the earliest attempts by Nintendo to shoehorn its platforming characters into a console sports game, it's perhaps notable these days for all the random trivia associated with the title, including:

• One of the programmers involved was Satoru Iwata, who is now Nintendo's president (he's also one of the default character names in the game).

• It's the only time Daisy appears in a NES game.

• The Japanese and Western versions were radically different. The Japanese version took place in the Mushroom Kingdom, while the Western edition courses were named after real-world locations like the USA, Australia and France.

Mario Kart [Magnet Beam]


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