Max Payne 3 Developers Closed, Then Moved

Rockstar Vancouver, the main developers behind Max Payne 3, have been shut down. Not to worry (much): the staff are being offered jobs at Rockstar's other Canadian studio in Toronto.


    It's closing, but the team still exists at another site, that is all... no staff lost.

    Infact moving to the new location, they are expecting to expand in numbers.

    Two Words that explain the reasoning for the closure and move : TAX BREAK

    Rockstar probably had planned this to happen even tho Max Payne 3 isn't selling well, mostly because its cutscened up the arse.

      And yet, its STILL a freaking AWESOME game.

      Dude it sold 3 million copies in a few weeks. It sold alot more then what they were expecting.

    But it isn't a small thing for your work to move cities is it? Surely most employees wouldn't be able to follow the company because they have their lives and families in Vancouver?

      I wouldn't go as far to say its the best game of the year but it's ok

    madd game!! Haven't played the first two thought.

    The moments of gameplay in the game, were amazing. Little bit to much fluff in-between, unfortunately.

    "you can keep your job, if you move across the country" yeah, not a simple decision to make.

    Good thing I clicked on the link to this article to read more than the opening blurb.

    A lot of devs getting shuttered lately after their AAA game drops...

    on Rockstar -they trouble me, look at their release schedule
    2001 GTAIII
    2002 GTA: Vice City
    2004 GTA: San Andreas
    2005 Liberty City Stories
    2006 Vice City Stories
    2008 GTA IV
    2009 GTA IV Episodes
    2009 Chinatown Wars
    This is a studio that on average was putting out a GTA game every 18 months, but for the last 3 years we've had nothing (although in all fairness - RDR is a spiritual cousin to GTA)

    If I were Take 2 Interactive I'd be losing my patience with this mob. Although their last two games have sold well, when you compare the amount of money probably spent making them - then they probably didn't sell well at all.

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