Medal Of Honor Preorder Said To Offer Beta Access To Battlefield 4

Briefly listed, then quickly replaced, was a billboard on Electronic Arts' own Origin store saying that a preorder for Medal of Honor: Warfighter included "exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta Access."

It's not mindblowing that there would be a Battlefield 4 — the president of EA Labels, Frank Gibeau, himself referred to Battlefield 4 as far back as November. But the game has yet to be announced, though its turn in the cycle is probably coming in 2013. The beta access is more interesting to me, though it will likely be offered sometime next year, not this.

The listing has since been pulled and replaced with a pitch for Battlefield 3 Premium. We've emailed an EA representative for comment; any made will go here.

'Battlefield 4' beta outed on EA Origin Store [Digital Spy, h/t LulzJager]


    Its too soon. I really don't want the Battlefild sereis to turn in to CoD where it comes out every year like its some sports game.

      EA said long ago that they want to have Battlefield and Medal Of Honour games come out in alternating years.

        I knew that, but just cos they said it ages ago dose not make it right... On the other side of it, you could look at it as paying an annualk fee for a yealy sub. Witch is what they are really tryig to do.

      It willcome out in 2014, they arent gonna release Medal of Honor Warfight in october/november and then battlefield 4 a month after that, it will take away sales from eachother and a very bad method of making money.

      Just look at Medal Of Honor 2010, took njust over half a year before we got to play the Battlefield 3 beta and came out a year after Medal of Honor and even then Medal of Honor Warfighter is coming out 2 years after the first one and I will not expect to see Battlefield 4 untill 2013-14.

      I cant see EA stuffing up such an important franchise as Medal of Honor and Battlield with yearly releases, they know the CoD franchise is starting to dwindle in popularity because of no room for any innovation.

        Not that there isn't enough room for innovation, is more that there has never BEEN any innovation to start with. Using the same graphics engine for the past what, 7 years or so now? Certainly got their moneys worth out of iD softwares graphics engine. Games have moved on, and so have consoles and PC's. The COD series started to look dated about 4 years ago.

    I want another Bad Company. BC2 was awesome - I just couldn't get into BF3 with all its "failed" realism.

      Shouldn't "realism" be in quotes here? It looks like you're sarcastically saying that it failed. So... it succeeded?

      Battlefield 3 was not intended to be realistic, just more so then CoD

      Battlefield 3 was not intended to be realistic, just more so then CoD

    but that means i have to pre-order MOH and i don't know if i want it yet.

      mm, I personaly wont be getting MoH untill its 20 bucks. I think everyone should do that. Don't buy till its 20. It IS only MoH affter all.

    i see this ending in two scenarios.
    1) EA realised how they bastardised BF3 and are doing what valve did with L4D2 by dumping in a plethora of content

    2) EA confirm what most of the internet already knew, they have turned the battlefield series into an annual crapfest to 'compete' with CoD

    BF4? That's too soon. D: Understandably if it was a spin off then yes.

    Let me explain to everyone what is going on with EA and Activision . People are worried that BattleField will turn in to Call of Duty or Madden series. It will NOT be doing. There will not be a "new" BF every year like MW. But it is going after the same formula that Activision is going.

    Here's how it works. EA will be releasing BF every 2 years. For a filler they will have Medal of Honor come out in the down time. So Medal of Honor and BF are a 2 year development process. With Call of Duty on the other hand it is the same practice, but not as misleading as EA is. There are 2 different development teams on each game. Call of Duty:Modern Warfare is from the dev team Infinity Wards who usually is the most "hype" of the two. Every 2 years they release a Modern Warfare game. The Call of Duty: Black Ops/WorldAtWar is called Treyarch. They also are on a 2 year cycle. So as you can see, they are basically the same, but EA hides it a lot better with the naming of MoH/BF.

    The problem with Activision is they fall in to the "This isn't new and it's a yearly thing" factor. It also helps them as well because it's easier to convince people to buy it again because it's the "newest and greatest" version. Where as with Medal of Honor is going have to prove to everyone else that it isn't like BF and it is a better version to Cal of Duty. As I say, they are the same, but Battlefield will not be a yearly thing. None of them are frankly, it's just CoD seems it is, when it actually isn't.

    No idea why people are already up in arms about it being released annually. BF3 came out in 2011, BF4 if true will be out late 2013. That's 2 years. MoH was in 2010 and is being released in 2012. That is also every 2 years to fill in the gaps. Both different MP play-styles.

    Also take a look at the Battlefield release timeline on wiki. Each new iteration of the game came out after 2 years since the last title(discluding DLC, games not developed by Dice and BF1943 which was a digital title). So it has never been annual, and it won't be any time soon. Nothing has changed and is expected, with a full unveiling expected to be in february next year. So i don't understand why people are starting to think this is too soon or becoming annual, the release schedule hasn't changed in over a decade.

    The only thing to be concerned about is if they fix the mess that is origin for the PC community.

    2013 I just hope a gen of consoles is out by then as my PS3 barely runs BF3.

    as long as its WWII on Frostbite 2 (maybe version 3 by then?) il be stoked...

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