Medkits Apparently Double As Demolition Kits In Battlefield 3

When a camper just refuses to move from his comfy little corner in a building, picking off your teammates one by one, there's an excellent solution for that.

Throw your medkit at the walls around him, and watch as the cement crumbles his safety away.

How the No U Wreckin' Crew handles campers. [YouTube via AmazingFilms 247]


    how does that even work? would have been easier to just run up and shoot him.

      yeah but this seems like way more fun! im only guessing here but, i think it works because the engine is registering impact at a specific point of a destructible environment , causing the wall to collapse. think of it as a weak spot.

        If I had to guess..
        Medkits and ammo boxes aren't blown around by explosions, but are slightly moved. The do this by setting the weight of it, then excluding it from the player collision group because it's easier then exempting it from explosion physics effects, which would be unrealistic and annoying.
        So you can't kill a player with a medkit, because it will not physically hit them, but you are throwing a very heavy object at a wall that has limited health. It's kind of like the portable equivalent of driving a tank through it, or the non explosive version of a few grenades.

    This is setup.

    No tickets are going down the whole time this video was happening, so only 3 people were on the server.

      nice pickup didnt even bother looking at that. also no kills/deaths are registered. highly unlikely in an entire minute of bf3 gameplay.

        It could be that they're on an empty server. I know me and a few online friends often try and kickstart a new server into life when there aren't any decent maps being played.

      Go to the Youtube page... it says they found him in an empty server that he admins.

    Its rush the defenders dont get tickets

    no gun sounds either

    It helps to read the youtube description:
    "We found a player boosting all by himself in a server (that he administrates, apparently). So Theshooter7 and I decided to join and start messing with him; Being the good sport that he is, we start to engage in a rather intense manhunt for each other. "

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