Meet The Prettiest PS3 Collector's Edition Of Them All

We live in an era where "collector's edition" usually means "$100 box of crap full of busted action figures, tiny art books and some DLC". So it's nice to see upcoming RPG Ni No Kuni go and actually make something worthwhile for collectors.

The game's "Wizard's Edition", selling for USD$100, only contains three things. Well, aside from the game. One is a plush Drippy, the lantern-nosed character who serves as your sidekick in the game. The second is some DLC companions. Whatever.

The third, however, is the 300-page, hardcover spell book that some Japanese owners hot hold of, that serves as both game guide and art book.

It's exquisite, exactly the kind of thing fans of the game (and of Studio Ghibli, the animation giants who helped out with the game's visuals) would be hoping for.

The American version will be out January 22, while it's out in Europe on January 25 (click "expand" on the image up top to see it in detail).


    I'll happily pay extra for anything that comes with a "golden drongo".

      While I wouldn't pay for it, I laughed when I saw that name.

    Has anyone seen this available for preorder with any Australian retailers yet? I must have it.

      Not yet... not sure if we'll get it. It's borderline a must for me though! It looks amazing! My sense of entitlement is at an all time high.

    The book is quite well detailed, old musky pages to represent mystique and value. The art inside is great and has its own NinoKuni language to further enhance its speciality

    I've been hanging out for somewhere I can preorder this since it was announced over the weekend. I must have it!

    So pretty. MUST HAVE!!! *_*

    While this looks fantastic, I'm still hung up on that January release date. We've waited so long, and there's still another six months to go!

    Thinking about buying this despite my lack of a PS3.
    Anything Ghibli makes me drool.

    I sold my PS3 a long while ago and this is the reason I rebought one. I must get this CE. That hardcover 300 page book would be worth it alone much less with a plushy! I expect the aussie version (god help everyone near me if we don't get one) to be around $150ish.

    January as in January next year? C'mon maaaaann, I want this now :(

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