Men Spend 71 Hours Sorting 65,000 Pieces Of LEGO. And Film It.


    last time I spent a butt load of time preparing something (re: 1500x650x200 plot of land by hand in minecraft) in order to build something (start destroyer) I never got round to doing anything with it because the "flat as far as the eye can see" tidiness of this area was more appealing to me than a spacecraft ever could be. I may be autistic >.>

    According to brickset i have just under 14,000 pieces, by this rate it would take me about 15 hours to sort, which is very tempting.

    I like how there's a clock in the background too.

    i am sure you can buy Lego already done like this.
    just seem like a massive waste of time.
    although, i can't speak too much.
    i played WoW for 400 days. :(

    So apparently I just found out I do have a life.


    Nice Commodore PET in the background.

    OMG! That wallpaper is terrible! And naturally there's no sign of any female presence in that room...

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