Metal Gear Solid 4 To Get Trophies

Metal Gear Solid 4 To Get Trophies
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This may not matter to a lot of you, but for MGS4 fans like myself, the idiots who still go for a Big Boss playthrough every six months, this is big news! Finally, finally it appears as though Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is going to get the trophy treatment on PS3.

It’s hard to explain why this matters without getting gushy, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is good for a single playthrough. It really is. But, like almost every MGS game before, it truly rewards those who replay it. It’s a game that rewards players who tug and pull at the fabric of its mechanics. It’s one of the few games that is sturdy enough to withstand the prodding of curious players. Therefore a new set of challenges, for trophies, if they’re creative enough, could really make the game worth playing again. For me at least.

I’ll be going for playthrough number five, that’s for sure.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Gets Trophy Support; New Announcements Coming at August Event [AndriaSang]


  • Don’t really care about trophies, but I was planning a 3rd playthrough sometime soon anyway.

    God, that’s a great game.

    • MGS4 has it’s own inbuilt trophies/achievements called emblems. It came out just before the trophy system was implemented, so I’m surprised that they didn’t patch it in much sooner.

      Here’s a list of all 40. I imagine the trophy list would contain all of these and possibly a handful of new ones.

      • 21. Gekko
        Wall hug for an hour.

        Press triangle against a wall and you’re wall hugging. Them leave the game on
        it’s own. Much like the tortoise emblem.


  • Finished it for the first time last week. Might be interested in playing again, depending on how many games I buy in the coming months 😐

  • I haven’t played yet. I missed out so far recently because I’ve only recently purchased a ps3. I enjoyed the first three immensely and am looking forward to it .

  • Holy Crap!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Been waiting for this for almost 3 years!!! This was heavily rumoured a lot, but finally it’s been fulfilled. Fits perfectly with the 25th anniversary of MG 😀

  • Great news. Shame it tool so long. Will replay once it gets patched. Wonder what other announcements we will have @ this 25th anniversary event. MGS5?

  • Wow, after all the denial of trophies, they are finally coming. Shocked it’s taken till now.

    Great game though, so another reason to run through it again is a good thing 🙂

  • Woo hoo! Halfway through number one (for about the sixth time) after buying it on ps store. Just picked up the HD collection. By the time I’ve got through all those it’ll be time for a trophy run on four! I’ll feel a bunch of sickies coming on!!!

  • So, I played Metal Gear Solid on the PSOne. Loved it and nailed it. I played Sons of Liberty. Loved it and nailed it. Missed out on Snake Eater unfortunately, but was content with the thought of picking up a re-worked version down the track. I then finally got around to picking up Guns of the Patriots…..I was so unbelievably shit at it and impatient with it, I gave up after a few hours. I’m not sure what’s happened over the years considering my historical affinity with the series, but….yeah, I just couldn’t be tolerate its stealth mechanics and general pacing anymore. I would sit there and find myself complaining like one of those people who misses the point of these games, saying things like, “Why give me such delightful weapons if you just want me under a box all day.” I went and took a good hard look in the mirror. I just did again….still nothing.

    • I’m playing through MGS3 HD right now and good lord I suck at it… I don’t even remember being that shit when I first played it. Earlier today I kept getting spotted and my headshots weren’t killing anything so I semi rage-quitted the stealth aspect and just ran around grabbing and killing everything :P.

      If I recall they did make MGS4 more shootery so you could play through the whole thing just running and gunning, ignoring most of the stealth aspect. I’m having fun doing this in MGS3 when I’m failing badly :/

      • But that’s the thing Greenius…I feel like I’d be missing the point of the game if I just did a ‘run/gun’ play through. That I would be disrespecting the genre, not to sound pious. How noble of me. I’m revolting myself by saying such things. Ha.

  • You just know. You just KNOW, that one trophy will be play through the highest difficulty, without saving more then 3 times, without being spotted, and without killing anybody.


    I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago. I finally got around to starting the MGS HD Collection and the trophy list had some interesting things I never would’ve heard of, or done otherwise. I’m not a huge MGS fan but I did beat MGS4 twice. I love it when games reward you for doing in-game tasks and it gives me incentive to do something I wouldn’t normally do (I rarely replay my games but I played MGS4 immediately after on a “don’t be seen” run).

    Definitely going to replay it a few more times then 😀

  • I won’t believe it until I’m downloading it… 😉

    The ultimate troll would be to have a single online trophy included into the list… lol :p

    • At the very least i would like to see something like:
      “Snake what happened? Snake? Snaaaaaaaake!?” – Attempt to play online after the online servers were shut down.


  • Great news! I’ve had MGS4 sitting there waiting to be played after I got through the rest of the MGS HD collection. That should work out perfectly!

  • I haven’t touched the game since I finished it the first time back in 2008. Been thinking about playing again. Might as well grab some trophies when I do.

    • I did it years ago, but only after 3-4 playthroughs to build Snake’s arsenal up for the challenge and learn the patterns of enemies and bosses. Managed to knock it off with about half an hour to spare. Make sure to skip every cutscene, as the cutscene time counts towards your overall finishing time, and save after nearly every section (using multiple saves if you’re concerned you may have accidentally killed someone/got an alert).

      I recall a mate used a guide on GameFAQS dealing with the Big Boss emblem run and swears by it, so it might be worth checking that out as well.

  • Whilst I am somebody who really doesn’t care whatsoever about trophies… this one will probably be my first platinum.

  • WHA?! This is stupendous!
    They take away MGO, but then they give us Trophies! Finally!

    I think I need a moment alone…

  • ..Isn’t one of the Ipod songs aquired by playing an MGO match ( if so I say well played kojima, you made a true artwork of a troll)

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