Modders Want Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter To Bring His Vengeance To Skyrim

Modders Want Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter To Bring His Vengeance To Skyrim

Unless you’ve been living under a mammoth you’re no doubt aware that there’s a new expansion out for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s called Dawnguard and it centres around our inexplicable love of vampires. It’s already a hit on the Xbox 360 but before it makes it’s way to PC, our the 16th US President wants in on the action.

If you’re into supernatural takes on American history you may be a fan of the novel turned recently released major motion picture known as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Well, PC gamers have been all too quick to capitalise upon the resurgence in honest Abe’s popularity and have made this idea one of the most requested mods in the Nexus forums, Steam community and r/skyrim. Luckily, modders got right to work in bringing forth the bearded one to kick some vampire arse.


Ok, so it’s just a hat — but it’s a sweet hat!

What we really need here is someone to combine that hat mod with an enchanted/retextured suit that looks like something Abe would wear then package in this enchanted axe that does extra damage vs the undead and possibly makes them flee. It’s a rather simple series of mods, really.

Perhaps they could even be tied together with a quest involving a log cabin? Abe likes those.


Hell, if somebody doesn’t get on this in time I might have to crack open the Creation Kit and do it myself!

Anyhow, Dawnguard will be released for PC in just over a score of days. Let’s see if we can get some proper Lincoln mods up by then, shall we?

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