More Disturbingly Life-Like Dark Knight Rises Toys

Following up creepy Christian Bale and tiny Gary Oldman, Hong Kong collectible company Hot Toys will also be releasing incredibly realistic Dark Knight Rises replicas of villain Bane and Batman's old Tumbler.

If you were hoping they'd be available in time to take with you to theatres, though, you'll be disappointed. Bane ($US195) won't be out until March 2013 and the enormous, 13kg Tumbler ($US470) won't be out until September 2013.

Bane [Sideshow]

Batmobile - Tumbler [Sideshow]


    - Bane's arms look tiny. He needs to be huuuuuuuuuge!

    3rd pic from the top "AWW COME ON! He was right HERE!"

      I was thinking more like....

      "My name is BANE... Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart spreeeeeeeeeeeeeading the neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews... da da daaaaaaaaaaa da da!"

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