More Halo 4 Multi, As Played By Halo Pros

I'm excited for Halo 4, particularly the multiplayer section but, as an unashamed Halo fanboy, I do have concerns. My main worry is that too much is being added! I'm a simple man, with simple tastes, and I've always felt like Halo worked best a stripped back 4v4 shooter. That's when it feels most balanced. 343 Industries seems intent on putting its own stamp on the series — which is great — but will it come at the cost of balance? I'm old, out of touch and scared. Hold me.

The above video comes from Bravo, a member of the Major League Gaming team and features gameplay from Elamite Warrior, a former Halo national champion. Halo 4 is looking great — and seems like a massive step up visually — but it's a little fast paced for my liking. Maybe I just need to get hands on to help dispel all my fears. Maybe I'm just acting like an enormous baby? Time will tell.


    +1 dunno who this Elamite Warrior is, but he's no better at Halo than I am.

    Hmmm. Sorry, but I just can't take any form of 'professional' FPS game play done with a controller seriously. It always looks like the player (who I am sure is quite good at the game) is fighting the game's controls more then they are playing it :S

      Hey, have you checked out some Halo forums and posts/threads by "competive" gamers? A lot of them keep asking for their console game to have no aim-assist and pixel perfect precision weapons :/

    The only pros are the ones that play quake, cs or sc.

    Hey Mark, might be worth noting that this is Infinity Slayer. Team Slayer is still the "vanilla" experience you're talking about.

    I wish they would stop catering the game solely to the "MLG" fanbase. There are players who would prefer not to spam the DMR and avoid spending hours learning BR combos.

      Hey, I have a competitive gametype for Reach that emphasises teamwork and weapon variety if you want to test it out and give feedback :D

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