More PS3 Games Should Look This Crude

Do you want cutting-edge graphics? Do you need your games to look ultra-realistic? Look elsewhere. The two games in the video here, Duke Wars and Grave Diggers, are not nominees for anyone's Best Graphics Awards. Though... I actually like how they look. A lot.

So what exactly are these things? They're multiplayer games made in game jams by ThatGameCompany, the people behind the wonderful downloadable PlayStation 3 games Flow, Flower and Journey. Both games are included on the upcoming PS3 disc compilation of TGC's three acclaimed games.

My colleague Jason Schreier and I had no idea what these two oddities were when we found them running on a TV in the back corner of a PlayStation showcase event in New York. That's why we're stumbling and bumbling our way through them in the video. Our discovery was a gleeful one. We had a great time, and you know what? More games should look this awesome.


    Kinda reminds me of Ski Free

      Heh yeah first thing I thought of was Ski Free... and my nightmares about the abominable snowman that gobbles you up :(

    Looks great.

    If more games looked like this though, it'd lose it's charm.

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