More Resident Evil 6 Than You Can Handle!

Resident Evil 6. It seems like plenty of folks are a little undecided on it, but I have confidence. Why? Well think about it dummy, all the best Resident Evil games have had even numbers in the title. Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 4 — they were awesome, so Resident Evil 6 should be amazing. Right?

Anyway... Here, for your viewing pleasure are some pretty cool gameplay videos of Resident Evil 6. Complete with Director's commentary. Enjoy dear friends.


    Resident Evil was great... what do you have against it? :0

    RE0, RE2, RE4, RE6 - good?
    RE, RE3, RE5- bad?


    Nota big fan of Resident Evil (only played RE revelations on Wii, and it was crap) but this looks amazing!
    Especially the other gameplay of RE 6 on IGN's channel of this 3 storey high monster, it gives the scale of the game huge!!

      Revelations on Wii? Do you mean 3DS?

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