Mortal Kombat Designer Says Jax And Cyborg Are Not The Same Guy

All the black man-machine heroes do NOT know each other. After playing a few rounds of Injustice: Gods Among Us at Comic-Con last night, I asked Ed Boon whether I was just imagining some similarity between Mortal Kombat's Jax and the newly unveiled Cyborg.

Boon said some of the developers back at Netherrealm have said the same thing. But he attributes that observation to the fact that both Cyborg and Jax have victory poses that end in the three-point landing position.

And while Cyborg's punch-heavy moveset might remind players of Jax's attacks in Mortal Kombat, the Justice League member showed off a greater number of ranged attacks. Lightning-quick shapeshifting turned into special moves from Cyborg, which unleashed lasers, giant thrusting fists and missiles at enemies. One super-move poured out a long continuous blast from the character's White Noise cannon, destroying a huge chunk of life-bar.

As expected, Nightwing plays an acrobatic, fast-striking brawler. The twist with Dick Grayson's moves is that he can swap between a staff and two escrima sticks. His strikes are slower and more powerful with the staff but Nightwing's attack speed when he's wielding the smaller sticks. Similar to how the character plays in Arkham City, Dick Grayson's weapons become electrified, letting him send shocks through the ground. When players trigger Nightwing's super-move, he attacks with a mix of stick strickes and projectiles and then jumps onto his speeding motorcycle to slam back and forth into a stunned opponent. Batman's first sidekick feels "right": flashy, nimble yet still bearing the influence of his mentor.

I kept coming back for more and more rounds of Injustice even after I should have moved on to other things. That's a good sign for Netherrealm's next project. Injustice is still in developent and there will surely be more characters revealed before the game comes out until next year.


    - Why is Nightwing shooting lightning out of his stick?

      "Similar to how the character plays in Arkham City, Dick Grayson’s weapons become electrified, letting him send shocks through the ground. "

    See, he is imagining the similarity. Americans are all about the colour of skin. Most other audiences, it wouldn't cross the mind.

      From the picture I thought it was Jax, but knowing it's a damn DC game and that Cyborg is not Jax, it's pretty damn clear. It's like saying that Liu Kang and Ryu are the same because Liu Kang has an alt costume that looks like his and they have similar (that's a stretch) movesets, you could see how people could think it, but context gives meaning

      I don't know. I'm still not entirely sure which character is supposed to be in the header. I know Cyborg and Jax are the robot-armed black guys in their disrcete universes, but throwing them together is going to cause my brain all sorts of trouble.

        What do you mean thrown together? They aren't in the game together.....

    His strikes are slower and more powerful with the staff but Nightwing’s attack speed when he’s wielding the smaller sticks.


      What don't you understand about the statement? His staff is slower but stronger, while his escrima sticks (his staff breaks in 2) are faster but most likely do less damage

        You completely missed it, it was a sex joke.

    It always bothers me when video game characters use electricity as an attack and constantly use 'The Ground' as a delivery system.

    Has nobody on the design team ever had to deal with power and 'ground' and whatnot?

    I'm just sayin', there'd better be a puddle that Flash is standing in right there... :-P

      Unless they are fighting on steel and Robin has rubber soled shoes!

    Evan N: Well, duh! Thanks for stating the obvious.

    Cyborg - DC character
    Jax - MK character

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