Mortal Kombat's Skorpion Serves Up A Wicked 'Your Mamma' Joke

Ha ha, Skorpion. Very funny. This joke was brought to you by Game Developer Editor-in-Chief Brandon Sheffield, who apparently has nothing better to do with his time than share exceptionally good video game-themed Your Mamma jokes made by musician/troublemaker Andrew Toups.

(I kid. Hi, Brandon.)

I don't know about you, but now I want to come up with a bunch of Mortal Kombat-themed 'Your Mamma' and jokes.


    "Skorpion"? Really? It even has the correct spelling in the image!

    I know MK has a habit if replacing c's with k's but this is not and has never been one of those cases.

      *habit of

      Yes I realise the irony of making a typo in a comment complaining about spelling.


          it's 'speeling'

    I lol'ed

    Two anyone who finds Yo' Momma 'jokes' funny I hope you die in a car crash/aviation accident.

    Oh come on, that was pretty funny

    Yo mama's so ugly, when Shang Tsung morphs into her clone it counts as a fatality for him.

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