My Little Pony, Comic-Con Ponies

With two high demand show exclusives on the floor and a giant Pinkie Pie on the floor, My Little Pony is a major force at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Will Hasbro use this power for good, or for evil?

I suppose that all depends on who you ask. As I attempted to take a picture of the giant Pinkie Pie (below, the pink one) all sorts of people got in my way. Little girls getting their pictures taken by their parents, teenage boys posing for their friends, and yeah, some fully grown men and women who just love the show for its uplifting humour and warmth. The common thread was that everyone that passed the pink plastic pony treated her with respect. No one was poking fun. No one was accusing Hasbro of forcing pony content on them. No one tried to feel her up, as far as I know, anyway.

My Little Pony t-shirts abound, I'm sure I've seen MLP cosplay amongst the crush of fans on the show floor. It's a pony show, and Hasbro's got the show ponies on the floor.

So here's a quick sampling of what Hasbro brought to Comic-Con from their stable of My Little Pony merchandise. I'm off the worship at the altar of Tara Strong.


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      Wow. I want you to grow up.

        If thousands of adult men got this obsessed about barbie dolls i think there'd be a public outcry...

          I'm pretty sure they like the show rather than the merchandise.

            As one of the guys who doesn't buy the toys (nor any merch) and likes the show, I can confirm DolJ's guess. A lot of us just watch the show for a pick me up after depressing yet good TV like Walking Dead.
            (What? FIM has great art, good storytelling, great voice work - I'm supposed to hate this but love poorly made shit like Battleship and Transformers? HA!)

    this is getting out of hand, toy shops here have nearly called the cops on creepy fat overweight 40yo nerds hanging around pony sections in toy stores.

    i'm all for not enforcing gender stereotypes, but after an episode airs 20m later there are chords from songs on it online........ you have to wonder if people have gone too far

      They like the show, what is the problem? My parents and I watch it together, they are in love with it too. Even my grandfather reckons its pretty funny, again, what is the problem??

      YOU ARE

      What does there being chords of the songs online quickly after the episode airs got to do with anything?

      It more often than not is not hard to come up with the rough basis of the chordal structure of a song, especially if you have the song in front of you to play along to.

      So...according to this expert we should hate the innocent, clever and catchy music of FIM and enjoy the soothing genius of Chris Brown, LMFAO, Beiber and Skrillex.

      YEAH... >_>

        lol. just accept its a show you shouldnt be into. being a brony should be a mark of shame.

    No photo's of the exclusive Drepy or Zecora toys?

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Watch real cartoons... Swat cats, Johnny Bravo, Batman Animated, Beast wars, Reboot and I could be here forever. This show is terrible I gave it one episode and it was a struggle. Hell Twilight has better story telling than this... its just awful.

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