NASA Is Putting Portal 2's Wheatley In Space. (Really)

That panel is a part of some sort, to be flown on a resupply craft to the International Space Station this coming Friday. "An anonymous tech at NASA," is responsible for laser-engraving Wheatley, the antagonist of Portal 2 on the part, Valve said in its official Portal blog on Friday. "And please note that when we mentioned an 'anonymous tech at NASA' we weren't kidding," Valve added. "NASA in no way officially endorses secretly laser-engraving characters from Portal onto their spacecraft."

I'll refrain from making jokes as they carry a spoiler hazard (it's a year after release, but so what). You either know why this is ironic already or have the means of finding out for yourself. It's a clever tribute to the game and the character. The full size picture is available at the link.

Wheatley in Spaaaaaaace! [Portal Blog]


    That's the space core

    Um, are they sure it's not actually the space personality sphere? The quote under the image seems to give it away.

    That's not Wheatley. That's the Space Core. Odd that even the blog linked got it wrong too.

    Man, has anyone reporting on this thing even played Portal 2?

    Suspension of disbelief fellows. Yes it is "probably" Space Core, but that doesn't mean there is absolutely no possible way ever of it being Wheatley or god kills a puppy. Still, random employee of NASA does something awesome to amuse the masses that is unlikely to be repeated in the next 50 years because who would ever have that opportunity and we all sit back and complain about inaccuracies in the reporting of said occurrence...

    Lighten up, this is pretty funny

    My name's been floating around in space for a few years now. I was selected among a few hundred people to have their names sent in to space on board a satellite. Probably the closest I'll ever get to being there ;)

    Dang. I haven't even finished Portal 2 yet. Better see to that so I can get in on this little joke...

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