Nazi Germany Toys Look Less Dangerous (But More Creepy) Than The Real Thing

We cover a lot of pop culture stuff in our toy coverage here on Kotaku, so today, let's look at something a little different. Action figures based on historical figures. Repulsive, dangerous, bloodthirsty historical figures.

Let's begin with a toy company called 3Reich. A company whose sole products are large action figures based on the men of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. 3R have a disturbingly realistic recreation of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Reich Minister of Propaganda and a leading proponent of Nazi Germany's "final solution". A really nice guy who, among other accomplishments, managed to kill his six kids.

Next up is another Nazi favourite, Hermann Göring, a fighter ace from the First World War who ended the Second a drug-addled lunatic and one of the regime's most disgusting characters.

3R also have incredibly detailed figures of Heinrich Himmler, boss of the SS and mastermind of the Holocaust, and of course the big man himself, Adolf Hitler. Complete with a "tortured young artist" playset.

Getting away from one bunch of murderous psychopaths and focusing on another, another company, King's Toys, have a Stalin figure that comes with a chair, wardrobe change and a revolver accessory. Whether or not his stat card on the back of the box mentions the tens of millions of his own people killed during his brutal regime, I'm not 100% sure.

I know there's obviously a market for this stuff, for both serious and joke collectors, but still. Creepy. With one exception: there's one based on badass Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune, as he appeared in 1968 war movie Hell in the Pacific. He looks awesome.


    Toys for Nazi kids? I don't get it, not at all. Why?

      In saying that I would happily get the Toshiro Mifune one.

      Just because you want/like one of the figurines, does not make you a nazi. While I'm assuming you did not, I have to say, I love how most people jump on the "how horrible" band wagon when it comes to Adolf Hitler or the Nazi's.

    I wouldn't of thought there would be much of a market for this.

    As a histroy major... I really want these. I feel dirty.

    Can i get my hitler with a bullet wound to the head?

    Best dressed of WWII,
    also If I had the Hitler one I couldn't resist checking how many testicles it had.

    Not to defend Joseph Goebbels here, but I thought it was generally believed his wife did the actual killing?

      Yeah, that's true. I suppose he was in on the plan though.

    OMG I love these! Where are the prices???

    I don't get why they've blurred out the swastikas? They're already making figures of nazi war criminals, why not just embrace the symbol too? It's all part of the same shit they obviously wanna make figures about.

    ^^ Not to mention that you can clearly see the Swastikas anyway.

    You people are brainwashed morons. Everyone knows that the victors of war write history so that their "cause" seems noble and their enemies are true villians, well why should WWII be any different? Lies are constantly told about the Nazis and Hitler to cover up the worse things done in Russia (our ally) How many movies are pumped out every year about how bad the jews suffered...6 million is what we are told right? No hollywood dramas about the 60 million who lost their lives under Stalin and communism during the exact same time. Weve had it pounded into our brains to mourn 6 million but totally forget 60 million...and none of you mindless drones wonder why do you? You just accept it like good little brainwashed drones talking about how horrible Hitler was. Watch videos of Germany during Hitlers reign, they seem happy to me...he brought them back from the brink, infact the NY Times had an article before we came into the war in which they say Hitler is doing wonderful things, maybe we should try National Socialism in America...never knew that did ya? Question what you are fed even in your so called higger education of college. Its a brainwashing factory teaching one side of history so that you think feel and believe what they want you too. Keep crying over the 6 mil and keep ignoring the 60 ohhh sooo compassionate!

      Oh, yeah... Stalin bad, therefore Hitler good.


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