Need For Speed Flick Gets A Hot Date

They're already talking about February 2014 as the release window for Need For Speed the movie, which tells you everything you need to know about this venture, even 18 months away. Movies released in early winter, specifically February, are fucking terrible. Critics expect them to be fucking terrible. Their makers expect them to be fucking terrible. That's before you consider the fact this will be based on a video game franchise, a film genre that is comprehensively fucking terrible.

In fact it's no surprise that co-director Scott Waugh's recent masterpiece, the jingoistic, universally panned Act of Valor, also was released in February. Seriously, February, it's a dead month. They're not looking to get a head start on Oscar submissions with a February release window, folks.

Think I'm being hard on February movies? It's a February movie and it's a video game movie. This is like a movie adapted for a video game released the week of E3 or something.

Disney Sets ‘Need For Speed' Release For Feb. 7, 2014 [Deadline Hollywood]


    This is journalism?!

    Actually I fucking forgot, this is a fucking blog, that sometimes may or may not have actual fucking news.

      If you won't I fucking sure as fuck will.

      That fucking piece of fucking crap filled fuckery was fucking garbage. I can fucking swear as many fucking times here as I fucking can and it's still more poignant for fucks sake than that fuck laden piece of fucking crapcandy.

      For fucks sake Owen, you've done so fucking much better in the fucking past. I'd fucking well expect fuckery of this sort on fucking AInt It Cool News or fucking CHUD. Not here!

    Owen mate, im not one to normally criticize articles and their authors, and whilst i do understand that the majority of us are adults, the constant and repetitive use of cuss words is totally unnecessary on a seemingly professional video game news site. Keep in mind that there is also a younger audience that tends to browse these sites.

    Im not criticizing your journalistic skills in general, as i have commended you on numerous good articles, but this entry really is quite poor...

    It's NFS:MW, not NSFW.
    Anyway, it's being written by the guy who wrote Real Steel (John Gatins), so I don't think it'll be completely rubbish.
    I actually think this game adaptation has a pretty good shot at being good. All it needs to be a NFS movie is to have car racing and an NFS name. That's it. There aren't any stories they need to worry about following, no elaborate universes they have to worry about complying with. They're basically just free to make their own street racing movie and slap the NFS name on it.

    It's not like a NFS movie is out there to win Oscars and get top grades from critics. These movies are just meant to be good fun and some form of entertainment for us. This article on the other hand was fucking terrible.

    I don't even remember what I just read. I'm just disappointed by the horrible, juvenile, and repeated swearing. I swear a lot, outside of work, but this is just...sad.

    if its anything like the run,
    then its gonna be alot better than your article... by far

    Ermm the whole point of it was based around repeating the phrase, that was the point and the humour. It wasn't just swearing multiple times, it worked perfectly well in context.

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