New $99 Ouya Console Is Radically Different From Xbox, PlayStation And Wii

Leaks are springing, and word is out that a new mystery home video game console called Ouya is in development. This is a real thing.

Ouya is a $US99 box running on the Android platform, with a focus on free gaming, according to details spotted in a listing on a site for tech startups spotted by he reporters at The Verge. The most tantalising detail that they report is this: "Even the underlying hardware is 'built to be hacked' — every customer who buys a retail box will get a dev kit in the bargain, the site claims."

The look of the console is being designed by Yves Béhar, who crafted the look of the One Laptop Per Child computer. The project is also backed by ex-IGN exec Julie Uhrman, former Xbox gaming honcho Ed Fries, and some other top tech folks.

Sources close to the project tell me there are even more surprises to what is an altogether out-of-left-field new entrant into the home video game console wars.

We've got Xbox, PlayStation and Wii. Have we got room for something like Ouya in our living rooms?

I'll have more on this very unusual project in the coming days.

Ouya: a $US99 hackable Android game console designed by Yves Behar [The Verge]


    Ouya? How do you pronounce it? Oo-yah?
    The UI looks rather metro inspiried, which isn't a bad thing.
    Will be interesting to see how this affects gaming on android tablets/phones. More console quality games would be cool.

      Sure, but can it play quake 1?

    Am I the only one who thinks this would look terrible in most lounge settings? Unless it's about 5cm x 5cm it'll stick out like a sore thumb

      Just looks like a grey Subwoofer to me. I guess, depending on how good the cable management is, it might look a little goofy, but unless you've got a colourful lounge theme, I don't see how it would look too OOC.

    They should change the u to an n, and call it Onya. Just saying.

    I think it looks amazing. Well designed.

    Anyone wonder if this was inspired by the Valve-box rumours a few months ago?

      Eh the valve box wasn't a new concept.

      The idea of a open system has been around for ages primarily because it would allow the freedom of PC's on your console for those who don't know what they are doin

        Yeah I know, but you could see the excited reaction the idea of a valve box was.

      The steam box is designed by valve and yea the ouya looks like a sheep turd sprinkled with cheese >:-(

    Here's my first question.

    If all the games are free to play, how do the developers make money to be able to get funds to make more games for the system?

      Only thing I can come up with is in game advertising which isnt worth anything..

      Short of that maybe there will be a "payment" style system where the devs dont receive a portion of the payments /shrugs.

        This is a fail, if it's advertising based then advertisers will soon realise there's no return on the money they're paying. After all if everyone wants everything for free, what makes them think they'll pay for the advertisers goods?!?

      That's a problem that the game dev's need to solve themself. Free-to-play models with microtransactions come into mind.


    Oh yay... devs like EA are going to love not making money from this. A real winner. Since it's Android I hope they give away a free anti-virus ;)

    Depending on the specs it may make a good xbmc box...

    This is what Watch Dogs was running on at E3, I called it first!

    does it play clam digger or the legend of sol-tar, the name just reminds me of the OoGhiJ MIQtxxXa from ATHF

    Interesting idea but it wont work, not to mention it wont have a chance at competing with the Wii U, PS4 and xbox 720 all at once. Would have to be some space aged shit to get anyones attention

      My favourite part about this post is the phrase 'Would have to be some space aged shit to get anyones attention'.

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