New Character, Story DLC Planned For Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

The upcoming rerelease of Baldur's Gate will get its own paid DLC. Director Trent Oster tweeted the news last night, specifying that the team will sell new quests and NPCs as part of future content for the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, which will be released on PC, Mac, and iPad later this winter.

"DLC=Downloadable Content, not furry earrings +3," he wrote. "The big guys have overcooked the term with badness. New BG storylines, New characters."

Perhaps new space hamsters?

Trent Oster [Twitter]


    If I want new characters I make a multiplayer game and roll them all myself. New stories I like, new locations would be a thrill. Come on this is my favourite game of all time, don't ruin it please.

    Might be cool. I sure hope there will be some way to make the large amount of currently available mods compatible with the enhanced edition.

    New stories and some of the classes from bg2 in bg1 would be cool.

    How about finishing the game before thinking about DLC ?!
    Pizzed off BG fan

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