New Video Game Does Hilarious Impressions Of Barack Obama And Mitt Romney

Here's the trailer for The Race for the White House, a new game released today for PC and Mac that simulates the 2012 election.

Looks kinda funny, no? While The Race for the White House certainly isn't the first election game — veteran developers Stardock Entertainment are releasing Political Machine 2012 this year as well, a follow-up to Political Machine 2008 — I thought this trailer was pretty damn entertaining. The music is especially awesome.

The PC and Mac versions of The Race for the White House will run you $US20. The game will also be out on Android, iPad and iPhone at some point in the near future.

The Race for the White House Game


    Dear Kotaku. The title... HOW does a non living entity do impressions? Oh that is right I saw a dog poo impersonating Kotaku editorial policy.

    When I try playing it all I get is a message saying "this video is private".

    Has it got Ron Paul?

    Apparently the "video is private,"

    Not having seen the video I'm still holding out hope that this is a beat 'em up where you pit presidential candidates against one another in a fistfight to the death. In fact that would be a much better game and they should make that instead.

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