Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor Is Doing The Theme Music For Black Ops 2

Who do you call when you want electro-tinged, industrial-inflected rock for a world gone wrong? Trent Reznor, of course. Along with groundbreaking work as a recording artist in the 1990s, Reznor's done music for both The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

And now, it's been reported in USA Today that the Oscar-winning composer and band frontman will be doing the theme music for Activision's next Call of Duty title:

"I have always looked to that franchise as the cutting edge of what seemingly unlimited budgets and full-on not cutting any corners can do in the current day and age."

The Black Ops II story envisions a new Cold War between the U.S. and China and an international villain plays them off each other. "There is a lot of reservation and angst and sense of loss and regret and anger bubbling under the surface," Reznor says. "So it didn't make sense to have a gung ho patriotic feeling kind of theme song. It has to feel weighty."


    also he did the music for the origonal QUAKE game

      And Doom :D

        Doom? I'm not sure about the original, but I do know they brought him in for DOOM3 but ended up using someone else's soundtracks instead of his in the final game. There is, however, a 'mod' for the game you can find online that replaces all the music/ambient tracks with Reznor's originals.

      He did and you might think that a gaming website would point out this fascinating piece of gaming history.

      But no, it's Kotaku.

      and it was awesome.

      *obligatory bit of trivia usually attached to this one which I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned yet* - The ammo crates for the in-game NailGun weapon featured the NIN logo.

    "They are paying me lots of money to do this" is what I got from his quotes :P

    Either way, I think it'll sound great.

    "cutting edge of what seemingly unlimited budgets and full-on not cutting any corners"

    Unlimited budget? Basically yes...
    Not Cutting any corners? Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

    Last time I saw Trent Reznor he had an undercut.....

    haha this is coming from the man who fights The Man against selling out. Well done, Trent. Way to show them who's boss.

      I don't think his intention was ever to fight "the man" for the sake of it.

      He doesn't like record companies so started distributing his music online and for free.
      The guys been composing for films for quite some time, I don't know who published the two listed above but i'd imagine they were both for major studios.

      I don't think you'd be accusing him of "selling out" if it was for anything other than a CoD game.

        It depends on what those other games are, COD is definitely a game he shouldn't be involved with.

        He fought record labels, accusing them of stealing and draining creativity and then he shacks up with the gaming industry equivalent? Pretty damn lame.

        I'm sure they'll post the song up on the torrent sites as per usual, not even the promise of music by Reznor can convince me to buy that shit.

          It was more, record companies pumping BS from his albums and work and forcing it down his fan's throats for moolah (like us in aus paying much more for his work compared to america, but that's usual for us). Trent was sick of it, so in turn, he leaves them all, creates his own label, gives music for free, giving the option to buy full vinyl's signed copies etc.

            sorry that was to Foggy. But yeah, basically Blackwater's point.

        Bah. The only reason he fought his record company was because he wanted MOAR $$$ on top of the gazillions he was earning. He is a venal narcissistic motherfucker who told all his fans (ie the very people WHO MADE HIM RICH IN THE FIRST PLACE) to go kill themselves when he got butthurt by them downloading some stuff for free. And of course his stupid army of goth fangirls would still set themselves on fire for him no matter how shitty he acts towards his fanbase. Dude would sell his offspring into prostitution if it made him more cash.
        Also, Henry Rollins wants his neck back.

        Sorry my perception is maybe tainted because my annoying ex-housemate used to worship him and play "Hurt" over and over again whenever a guy rejected her. :p

    Don't forget American McGee's Alice!

      He didn't do that, it was Chris Vrenna - a member of NIN.

        Reznor is the only member of NIN. The others are just guests >.<

    LOL @ m0sh's comment re Henry Rollin's neck - he definitely doesn't look goth now; his wife must be feeding him well

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