Nintendo Says Wii U Is Going To Be 'Important For The World'

Nintendo will launch the Wii U this fall, at least a year before fellow hardware makers Sony and Microsoft release their own new gaming consoles. But Nintendo isn't launching early to beat out the competition. They just want to change the world.

"Being first in the next generation race is not important at all," Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told Gamasutra in an interview published today. "One of the reasons we believe this is the time for Nintendo to launch the Wii U is it's going to be important for the world."

Important to the world? While the Wii U's tablet-like controller could indeed provide a cheaper, living room-centric alternative to Apple's ubiquitous iPad, I'm not sure it's a world-changer.

Speaking further to Gamasutra, Iwata also stressed that Nintendo isn't concerned with the Wii U's power problem. No matter how heavy duty Sony and Microsoft go with their respective consoles, Nintendo is just going to do its own thing.

"We have not changed our strategy," he said. "In other words, we just do not care what kind of 'more beef' console Microsoft and Sony might produce in 2013. Our focus is on how we can make our new console different than [others]."

Nintendo's Iwata: Being first to market isn't important [Gamasutra]


    I'll say it'll be important. It'll mark the last console before Nintendo finally admits they have no idea what they're doing and go solely into game development like Sega did, or just fold in and collapse entirely.

      I kinda wish that were true (Xbox/Playstation Zelda or even Metroid would be pretty awesome) but I don't really see it happening still. Too many fanboys.

        If your games are frequently selling millions of copies each, then why give that money to Microsoft/Sony for each game license, when you could be the one collecting license money from 3rd party games and keeping all the profit from your own?

          The same reason Sega did it I suppose, they were making enough profit off the games for it not matter and enough loss from the consoles that they needed to stop making them.

          Anyway I did say that I just wish it would happen but don't think it will.

      They have massive cash reserves and the 3DS is selling faster than the DS original. Their console business will not be going anywhere fast. They always sell for a profit remember?

        The 3DS is reportedly selling at a loss per unit, for the first time in their history. Its what they had to do to get it to move at all.

      Oh please someone always says this before Nintendo releases a console. Face it- they've built up a dedicated customer base, several system-selling first-party IPs, and they always turn a profit on every console sold (except the 3DS). Even if the Wii U becomes another Gamecube, Nintendo will still not be too bad off.

      Never bet against Nintendo.

      Yep, it seems we will have another 5 or so years of people loudly proclaiming how much Nintendo sucks and how they are in the brink of final failure; which is more or less their equivalent of "LALALALA, can't hear you" while they close their ears and minds to the readily available information that Nintendo is leading the sales BY MILES

      Sendec - Wish what you say would happen, but with Miyamoto and his boys club running the show, Nintendo will continue to produce the same crap they've been developing for the last decade.

      Are you saying the Wii was unsuccessful? cause that would make your quite the fool

    Nintendo have more of idea of what they're doing than what Sony and Microsoft do. If anything, Sony will collapse first.

      I don't think so

        If all three companies remain competitive as they are now, there's no reason why any of them will collapse in the near future. Also why are people predicting a 2013 release for next gen consoles from Microsoft/Sony? They would have previewed it at this year's E3 if that was the case.

          Actually Sony as a wider company is in a bad way, I don't think they've posted a profit since 2007.

      Sony might collaspe first financially but Nintendo is getting to the point where it no longer needs to produce it's own console much like sega did. Next gen will be interesteing to see if Sony learnt from it's mistakes with the PS3 and if Microsoft can acterly make kinect worth while on the next xbox (I doubt it).

      As if. Nintendo will hit the bin first.

      For starters Nintendo are releasing a console designed for hardcore gamers, yet the Wii U is using the same graphic power that Microsoft and Sony were using for the Ps3 and 360.

      And the reason the gaming market is slowly moving at the moment is because consumers are sik of the graphics being the same for everygame and no gameplay changes.

      How is it smart to release a console thats gonna use the same graphics that people were getting sick of this generation consoles.

      Plus the fact the Wii U is designed to be for Hardcore Gamers is why it will fail.
      Playstation and Xbox are console for hardcore gamers and always has been. For Nintendo to think they can steal that fanbase is stupid. Hardcore gamers are going for the Powerful consoles and that will be the Ps4 and Xbox720.

      The Wii U wont get the gamers it want because Nintendo are known for developing consoles and games for children and women, and when those children and women figure out that the console isnt meant for them word is gonna spread but people would rather wait for the next PS and Xbox then get the Wii U which uses the weirdest and most uncomfortable controller i have ever held.

      The Wii U alienates its original fans so why should it be great.

      Sony and Microsoft will always dominate and Sony will get to the top again, just gotta give them time, and I wouldnt be surprised if the PS4 will be Sonys return to domination of this market

    I do hope they have the line up of games ready to go, you know like a Mario game or a Zelda game, I guess that Zombie game looks ok but if they want this thing to move units I haven't seen or heard of any system sellers. The Wii atleast had Wii sports and I think it was largely the reason the Wii sold so well to the broader market. What I want to know is whether it will be backward compatible and if so can the games benefit from the increased power, it would be great to play a lot of the Wii titles in a higher screen mode. Even if this isn't possible they should port several of the Wii's best titles.

      Do you really see SONY collapsing first? SONY is a "bit" more than a console... it is a LOAD of different electronics, from TVs to almost anything else.
      And Nintendo, besides consoles is what? ...nothing...

    People still play Nintendo? Most of us old Snes and N64 boys moved on to better things. Go on, continue to play your piss poor lifeless, bland Zelda and Mario stories, meanwhile i'll enjoy things like Uncharted 2, Ass Creed, Deus Ex and Max Payne 3.

      Mountain climbing simulator.
      >Assassin's Creed
      Wall climbing simulator.
      >Deus Ex
      Let this one slide, solid game.
      >Max Payne 3
      Piss weak when compared to the other 2.
      The first Rockstar game that I've genuinely found boring.

    Nothing brings out the trolls like a Nintendo article

    Sony desperately need Nintendo, where will they get their original ideas from without them?

    Sony Before Nintendo Success: Touch Screens are a gimick, nobody will want them.
    Sony After Nintendo Success: PSP Vita now has two touch screens.

    Sony Before Nintendo Success: Motion controls are just a gimmick, we think people want standard controllers.
    Sony After Nintendo Success: Introducing the Move for PS3.

    Sensing a pattern here yet?

    Yes. Smartglass.

    nintendo started building arcades and consoles since 1975. they have been at it for 37 years! go look at how long sony and xbox where 37 years ago?

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