No, This Isn't A Star Wars Set. It's A Japanese Game Studio.

The vast, vast majority of Japanese game studios are bland, boring office affairs. Even the entryway for Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters is nothing to write home about. This, however, is. So start writing.

Level-5, the folks behind those Professor Layton games, have a truly spectacular corporate digs. Internal design and architect company Noa did Level-5's HQ and offered a peek at the studio's offices, meeting rooms, and awesome rooms.

Back in 2010, Level-5 showed off many of these rooms (but not all). Level-5's headquarters was amazing then and still amazing now. And is it me, or do these folks want to make a Star Wars game? (Or a Spider-Man game? Or both?)

Noa Style [Official Site]


    I think I like the spider lounge best, its not all white and bright...

    at first glance I thought Yoda was pointing to a big pile of weed!

    That looks like a huge bud in the bowl in front of Yoda.

    I see a lot of truly epic meeting rooms. But where do they, you know, actually work? Does everybody bring in laptops or something?

      Yeah, thought the same thing.

      Can't wait to see photos of the worker drone dungeons..

      In crappy cramped little cubicles until ungodly hours every night like everyone else in Japan, I imagine. As if normal staff would be allowed to spend time in this ivory tour!

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