Now Mad Catz Is Making A Massively Multiplayer Combat Flight Simulator

Not content to merely dabble in the more pedestrian flying video game market, the once peripheral-centric Mad Catz lifts its ambitious eyes to the MMO skies with Combat Pilot, a title that combines realistic flight simulation with multiplayer military aviation. It’s actually more exciting than it sounds.

Most pure flight sims are single-player experiences or, at best, single-player games with limited online multiplayer modes. Flying a military machine is rarely a solo thing, and participating in complicated operations requires far more work than simply keeping your plane near the other ones.

Built around Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X by Mad Catz’ internal ThunderHawk Studios, Combat Pilot focuses on group flying mechanics and maneuvers and social interaction. Players will need to earn their wings before joining the community, but once they’re in they’ll find themselves part of a tight-knit group ready to share in the joy of flying in formation.

You’ll need a strong and memorable call sign, so if you’re even mildly interested head over to the game’s website and reserve yours before some bastard swipes it.

Combat Pilot launches later this summer for the PC. If you need a flight controller, I’m sure Mad Catz has something sitting around they could sell you.

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