Now You Can Use Your iPad To Control Your Xbox 360

I know what you're thinking. "Boy, I wish I could use my iPad to control my Xbox 360."

What's that? You're not thinking that at all? You just want to play video games? You don't care about ridiculous control schemes or hardware gimmicks?

Well OK then. At least this one's free: Microsoft released a new update last night for the iPad's My Xbox Live app that allows you to use your tablet as sort of a makeshift remote control for Xbox Live.

I played around with the new update this afternoon, and it works as promised: once you link your iPad to your 360, you'll be able to use it to navigate the dashboard, select games, and control media.

(Note: You'll need to enter your Windows Live login/password to hook up your iPad. If you're like me, you probably haven't touched Windows Live in years. If you're really like me, you'll log in and find out your account has apparently been hacked by somebody named "Boone Garza." You'll start to worry, then realise that Windows Live is pretty much irrelevant to your life. And you'll change the password.)

Sadly, it doesn't seem you can use the app to play any games. I loaded up Minecraft and Spelunky, neither of which would let me use the iPad's ugly virtual controller (below) to play.

But that might be possible soon enough: when Microsoft releases Smart Glass, we'll be able to use our iPads For now, it's neat to be able to use your tablet to control your Xbox, although I can't see myself doing that much. It's a novelty. A free novelty.


    Now if I could only use my iPad to control my toaster.

    It's a neat thing to be able to do if you happen to have an iPad already, but that's about the extent of it.

    I love the idea. I wanted to use my iPad with my PS3 for ages. Well done for XBOX to take the first step.

      Yes MS used a more widely used device, but they're following not leading

        Not really following, there was no intention of that working with the PlayStation nor was it designed to work with the PlayStation, this is designed for the Xbox and the quickplay menu is extremely handy. So yeah, they are leading and not following.

          How are they not following, PS3 had Phones/Tablets doing the same things before they did.
          The Playbook handling the XMB on the PS3 is very handy and intuitive...

    Why not just use the fucking controller?

      I think this is for media and tv services, a thing that most aussies dont bother with because we get shafted in that regard. I see this as a replacement to the old white remote you used to get with the phatbox's.

      I have the phone app and it does the same thing. But yeah i dont see myself using it and i have all the required hardware... but hey, its a free update and it is allowing some customers to interact with their own hardware in a wider variety of ways. why the hell not. some people may want this. Now you can use kinect or a phone or an ipad or a controller based on what you want... not a bad thing.

    I did this last night for a bit... but where the F is the Start button? Why wouldn't that be there on the controller screen???

    baby steps huh. Well ahead of Playstation at current (get my VITA working with my PS3 - but 'No'). Good on them, i reckon even if its simple, its a step in a new direction. Nice one!

    Wait... didn't this come out last week? I know I've been doing this for a few days. Should also note you can do it on an iPhone as well and not just the iPad. The main thing about this is being able to quickly load games/apps using the quickplay menu which is quite handy imo.

    oh happy day.

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