Official Nintendo USB Memory Ain't Cheap

So Nintendo is releasing an official USB memory drive for the Wii so players can enjoy Dragon Quest X. It's...not cheap.

If you order the 16GB flash drive directly from Nintendo, it will set you back ¥3,150 or US$40. For comparison's sake, you can get 16GB memory via Amazon Japan for about ¥1,000 or $US13 (Sony 16GB drives are around ¥2,780 or $US36).

For gamers who are shopping around, there's also a Dragon Quest X branded flash drive from Hori that costs around US$25. It comes with an in-game shirt.

Nintendo doesn't recommend players using this drive with anything but their Wii (probably due to piracy fears). Exclusivity doesn't come cheap and neither does Nintendo branding.

Wii USBメモリー [RVL-035] [Nintendo]


    Wow that is expensive, the question I have to ask is can I use any 16gb USB drive or can I only use the Hori or the Nintendo. Because if it's any USB stick than I don't care. If it's only those two it's pretty bad.

    And is the game even coming out in English?

    Back in my day you could pick up a 128mb behemoth of a USB drive for the low low price of $113.
    But yes, nowadays $40 for a 15gb drive is pretty over the top

    Whats the quality like though? When it comes to flash drives the cheaper, the faster to die. Definitely not he heapest but with all Nintendo hardware and warranty - you pay for what ou get, and generally it's built to last.

      Sure, but this isn't a car here. 16GB might be a lot now, but in 2-3 years that'll be nothing.

    Nintendo has always done this. When the game cube was out, a 512kb card would run you about $20 dollars. At that time a the ps2 8MB memory stick would cost you about $30.

    Well it's way cheaper than the Xbox official ones XD

    I think the 360 external HD is still more overpriced.

    I picked up a 32gb usb drive for $25 from Dick Smith about a year ago. Double the price for half the storage space is laughable. Like Sony branded PS2 memory cards....8mb = $35 LOL

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