OK, Rockstar, What Would Niko Bellic Do?

Grand Theft Auto IV protagonist Niko Bellic has some hard choices to make in his Liberty City adventure. Well, you have to make the choices for him. But what would Niko have done?

That's what a fan of Rockstar Games' 2008 epic asked the company in a recent Q&A on Rockstar's website. With enough spoiler filibustering out of the way, let's get to what they said.

SPOILER ALERT — "Kill or spare Ivan Bytchkov? Kill or spare Cherise Glover? Kill Playboy X or Dwayne Forge? Kill or spare Clarance Little? Kill Francis McReary or Derrick McReary? Kill or spare Darko Brevic?

Take the deal or get revenge? I know what I'd do but I wanna know what [Niko] would do. You designed him so you know him better than I do." — Mike Sean Clifton

Rockstar: That's a very interesting question. The choices that you make in Grand Theft Auto IV while in the shoes of Niko Bellic are completely down to personal preference. Your conscience and curiosity help Niko to make decisions throughout the game, so we really don't have a straight and true path for how the Niko ‘character' would react in life or death situations — it's all down to the individual who plays him and our hope was to have a fairly even split in all of the choices, so they seemed like real dilemmas.

In terms of outcomes (something Niko would not know at the time) there is a 'best pathway' which is the sort of thing we reveal when we do a tips post, but that is from a pure game design / mechanics perspective as some choices give you more advantages than others, not from the choices Niko might make at the time. Those are up to you.

I killed Playboy. I can't remember what I did with the other choices. What do I think Niko would have done? Not had a care in the world. That guy was a cold-blooded killer and not much fun at comedy clubs.

Asked & Answered: Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V [Rockstar Games official site]


    Well that was unsatifying, I thought Rockstar were gonna give us a real look in his head.

    Also fuck Playboy, that guy was a real bellend. I would have like to have known which irish brother he killed, that was like the hardest decision in the game.

      Hmm.. to kill a drug addicted, pitiful, haunted by his past junkie, or a corrupt, blackmailing, self righteous, asshole cop who is a total dick to me. Was friggin pumped to kill Francis. He was a fucking dick. One of the easiest decisions ever.

    Everyone i know killed playboy just for his crib.. Little did they no how pathetic a wretch dwayne is "yo dawg, did you just ring? I was in the shower and i thought i heard a call..guess not" that is worse punishmnet than letting playboy live!

      That's part of the game though. It's the same as any of other Niko's friends calling. At least with playboy you get the crib so two extra car slots, and also befriending Dwayne you get a friend, some interesting convos when you hang out and eventually two people you can call as backup. And you can always just hit ignore when he rings if you didn't give a shit about the friends

    I would of really liked a proper answer to this... I always try to pick "in-character" choices if I can when playing games like GTA4 & RDR.

    What would Niko do? Take Roman bowling, probably.

      No no, it would be to see some "Great American tee tees!" That's what I mostly got from Roman, such a horny prick he was..

    If the decisions had some more balancing outcomes they might have been more difficult to make. Killing Playboy is EASILY the best choice. You get his house, the GTA3 outfit, and Dwayne can give you backup. Kill Dwayne? Well Playboy stops talking to you. Gee, great!

    Choosing between the brothers was more difficult. One the one hand you had the asshole cop, or the asshole drug addict. I fgured that, a) having police help is good and b) Derrick was probbaly happier dead than alive.

    The other choices didn't offer anything.

    The way I see it, Niko had no resvervations killing anyone that he "had" to. Meaning, for every one of those choices Niko killing either one of them (or even both of them) is perfectly valid as what Niko would have done which I think factors in perfectly to the fact that a lot of people made the choices based on the rewards.

    The only reason I killed Playboy X was because I wanted the GTA3 outfit that comes with his penthouse.

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