OK, Yes, The New Need For Speed Game Is Basically Burnout

A few years back, when EA bought Criterion, the developers of Burnout, people got worried. Worried that the team would be wasted churning out Need for Speed games.

What a stupid worry that turns out to have been. Criterion's first Need for Speed game, Hot Pursuit, was brilliant, and their second - the upcoming Most Wanted - looks even better. Why? Because it looks just like Burnout Paradise 2. Only now they get to use real cars!


    Every time I see this game my heart sinks a little. It looks like a great game in its own right but its not a 'Most Wanted Game'.

    Its missing the things that made the original such a blast. No Car Mods, No black Lists, no gritty feel.

    Its a burn-out game with 'Most Wanted' slapped on the title. Thanks EA.

      It is sad to think that they managed to ressurect the series so well with underground and now they basically refuse to go back to that situation

    my hands are in my pants stroking my .. wallet! :]

    Hmm. So it's Burnout with cops...... interesting.....

    Does indeed look like burnout with cops.....but it's hard to ignore the NFS badge though lol. Not that an NFS badge is a deal breaker for me, but with EA involved, you always get the feeling that a game might have some wasted potential under there.

    Oh well, will still buy it regardless!

      Burnout Paradise had EA involved and was awesome.

    This is so much better than Burnout Paradise, if only because checking traffic doesn't end up in a slow motion crash scene. If they put in some rocking track and motion blur, we will have the Revenge of Burnout Revenge :D

    Must not let myself get my hopes up too high, there will always be a way these games disappoint me.

    Looks great! And those engine noises are seriously meaty!

    Looks very much like the criterion of old. I for one welcome it. And have to love the sound of that car.

    Hot Pursuit is the best racing game ever. I've tried others but just keep coming back to Hot Pursuit.

    NFS: The Run, on there other hand, was balls. Great graphics and cars. Dumb concept.

    Burnout is an excellent game series, but not enough people got exposed to the gameplay. So combining that type of gameplay with the NFS name is genius

    I still don't understand why it's a NFS title and not a Burnout title. The NFS title is more well known but turns off alot of people (including me) as it's a yearly franchise like COD or sports titles . That often contain little in terms of changes or innovation. Where as a Burnout game doesn't come along as often and are usually something special. We should have got a paradise sequel by now.

    Hell do a hd remake of Burnout 3 and I'll be stoked.

    Should be a B3/Revenge clone, not a Paradise clone =/

      Agreed, much more enjoyable games imo :-\

      Except it has to be open world to go with the original Most Wanted, which by the way was the best Need for Speed.

    This actually saddens we needed Most wanted 2.

    Instead we get it's totally not burnout its need for speed burnou.... Most wanted!

    No story no real race modes, just red cordial action for the stupid generation.

      Criterion's games are much smarter than the original Most Wanted and Underground games. Anyone who thinks those games offered any sort of worthwhile story is kidding themselves.

      Since when have any of the MFS games had an actual worthwhile story

    But is it really a Burnout game without a crash mode of some variety?

    I want Paradise 2. Specifically Burnout Paradise 2, please guys c'mon. OR do a HD remake of Burnout 3! :DDDDDDD

    How about we let need for speed be need for speed.

    Shift 3 is our only hope now.

    Hmm doesn't look as fun as burnout 3, but does look substantially more interesting than NFS so we shall see.

    Has it been confirmed that this has car customization? It imo wouldn't be Most Wanted if it didn't have it, so far this just looks like Hot Pursuit in a more urban environment (not that there's anything wrong with that, HP was awesome).

    I'm already sick of the engine noises. Certainly feels like Burnout though, the way everything just flies past you, split second reaction times needed.

    I just hope I can use manual transmission, I hate auto's even in games.

    It would sell a lot more copies if it was called Burnout.

    Without customisation I will not buy.

    Am I the only person alive who thought NFS Hot Pursuit was actually incredibly boring? Burnout 3 is where my love interest peaked and ever since, nothing (not even burnout paradise) has come close to matching the insane levels of joy that game gave me. No split screen multiplayer in burnout paradise? fuck you. open world? what the fuck do you want with an open world when what you want to do is race cars, slam them into things convincingly and feel like you're always moments away from death/winning ? seeing your opponents smash into things at massive speeds and narrowly avoiding traffic in both directions whilst also avoiding the exploding debris from twirling wrecks flying at you is what burnout was all about. it was funneled action that increased in speed until you couldn't control it any more, and crashing felt violent and affecting. every near-crash was exhilarating and frequent. now, we have these impotent "open-world action racing" titles that look polished but seem to be missing the entire point of (and what makes racing exciting, in my opinion) what it means to do stupid shit in a car. after burnout 3, i was really hoping to see them kick things into the next gear somehow. cars that split apart, cinematic replays (jesus I love a good replay editor), maybe more crazy slow-motion control moments that made you feel like a vengeful crash-god sent to earth to destroy without apparent motivation. instead, we have this. an open-world map that's probably too big to remember where everything is unless you've played it for 100 hours, a physics engine that's more about drifts looking cool than fast-paced twitch reactions and sparks that fly off things that shouldn't. Sick. I get that this isn't a burnout game, and isn't meant to be, but I just can't contain my frustration. It's an unfair comparison, I know. Just give me a Burnout 3 HD release and I'll pipe down. Until I'm pacified, this is why I remain disappointed in the state of current-era games. I keep feeling like we've come from a time of great promise and money's (EA's) managed to ruined everything. anyone else feel the same? just me? Bugger.

      Nope, got really bored of Hot Pursuit really really quickly...

      I'm still cautious though, even if this is 'Paradise 2', get the feeling the cars will be more weighty and that's one thing I am hoping not to be the case, Paradise was perfect arcade handling.

    All I can say is give me Pro Street 2. I know PS was itself not a great title. BUT, if it had been polished a little more, I'd consider it one of the best NFS games to hit the shelves. I played that thing senseless.

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