Old Republic's Got Some Killer New Droids (and A Killer New Trailer)

If you were at the San Diego Comic-Con, you may have already seen this clip! Since you probably weren't, though, here's your first look at the unveiling of killer droid HK-51 in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Note this is HK-51, and not everybody's favourite meatbag killer HK-47, from classic RPG Knights of the Old Republic. But hey, seeing as they were originally cut as part of a quest from the unfinished KOTOR 2 (where HK-47 would help destroy them), it's close enough.

If you're asking why BioWare would go and have a fancy cinematic trailer made for a game that's been out for months, well...that's a very good question. Still, Blur's Star Wars clips have been some of the best Star Wars content we've had in years, so I'm not going to be the one to ask them to stop.


    Wake me when this game goes free to play

      It's free up to level 15 at the moment

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