One Great Steam Sale Idea Valve Hasn’t Tried Yet

One Great Steam Sale Idea Valve Hasn’t Tried Yet

The Steam Summer Sale is underway, and all of our wallets are at risk. Oh hey look, it’s The Legend of Grimrock for six bucks! Oh wow, Civilization V for cheaper than ever! Don’t mind if I do!

Never mind the fact that I still have a few games from the last big Steam sale basically unplayed. These deals are too good to pass up. I can’t stop the bahhhgains!

Harmonix employee and regular source of twitter humour Dan Bruno has floated a new and possibly revolutionary idea: a contest where the winner gets to finally freakin return the scads of unplayed games he or she has bought in past Steam sales. Ha!

This is one contest that won’t ever come to pass, but you have to admit — there are a couple games in your library that you’d just as soon give back. I mean let’s be honest — you’re never really going to get around to Star Wars: Republic Commando. And sooner or later, you’re going to experience the Steam sale singularity:



  • I don’t see how a “re-gifting” system couldn’t work on Steam. Game is removed from your library, a small amount of your purchase price goes into your Steam Wallet, and you get a coupon to send to a friend.

    • Because it would essentially enable game sharing. Oh I’m done with this ill gift it to you.

      The best case scenario we could ever hope for is the ability to sell back to steam for a pre determined price. Anything else would basically destroy most of the pros about steam. Such as the current summer sales. Which wouldn’t be plausible in a second hand market like the consoles have

  • It’s the license code problem, although it could be easily fixed by just re-associating the license code to the other account.

  • Just because I haven’t played it via Steam doesn’t mean I haven’t played it at all. Sometimes when the price is cheap enough I’ll often re-buy games I own on other platforms or own via non-Steam PC methods just to ensure I have a digital copy available.

  • “I mean let’s be honest — you’re never really going to get around to Star Wars: Republic Commando.”

    How horrifying! Please don’t spread ignorance of this game any further.

    • Yeah republic commando was an awesome game and sadly yet another victim of Lucas/lucasarts being idiots hell they even killed the book series by retconning a bunch of established lore to the point the writer basically said fuck this and moves onto other projects

  • I have 136 games (probably going to increase over the week) and a couple dozen of them are from the one bundle. Last year I got first the Bethesda bundle (which also contains every id game) and also, IIRC the Square Enix bundle. Now, it sure is nice having lotsa games, and they were certainly cheap, but I’m never going to install Flora’s Fruit Farm or Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders. My library is bloated. I would like to purge it a bit.

  • I feel the same. I’ve had to create a category called Not Interested to place all the games I’m never going to play just so that I can find the new games that I’ve bought in the list when trying to install etc.

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