Oral Sex In The Secret World Is Mind-Blowing

Each of the three secret societies in Funcom's paranormal MMO The Secret World have their own way of introducing players to the game's primary conflict. The Templar use magic. The Illuminati use drugs. And the mysterious Dragon? They induct their members the old fashioned, NSFW way.

In order to see the truth behind the comforting lie, one must first clear one's mind. There are many ways to achieve the necessary clarity. An expertly mixed narcotics cocktail might do the trick. Magic is definitely an option.

The Dragon like to keep things simple. Where the Templar use brute force and the Illuminati thrive on power, the Dragon subtly manipulate the forces of chaos. Its members often mention the butterfly effect: a gentle flap of a butterfly's wings setting in motion events that eventually lead to a hurricane. They pluck the base of the harp string and then savour the vibrations. Where others force, they take advantage.

In this case, they take advantage of the most easily attainable moment of clarity a person can experience. The phrase "mind-blowing orgasm" isn't just hyperbole in The Secret World.

This scene, experienced by every Dragon initiate — male and female — works quite well in context. The writing is clever, the voice actress' delivery is flawless and the character movement is finely choreographed. It's a seductive dance that draws the player deeper into this strange and deadly new world.


    I guess "seductive dance that draws players in" doesn't catch the eye as much as including "Oral Sex" in your headline, huh?

    Wow didn't take very long for that guy to achieve his moment of clarity

      Ummm there's no prizes for lasting a long time when it's oral dude.

    so if your female is it a guy doing it or?.........

      Nope it's female that does it either way. It was the weirdest surprise haha

        Well that's disgusting. I won't ever be giving this game a chance, dykes trigger my PTSD.

    The player animations are pretty crude though. My character's 'O-Face' was terrifying.

    lol i'm pretty sure she just used a thumb or something lol because that was more an expression of surprise.

    Damn it, the clip doesn't work on my tablet.

    or did she just bite it off?

    Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes all grown up, the two merged into one being, orange striped shirt and whiskers?
    (Which would mean that was Suzie all grown up!)

    That's the most hilarious O face I've ever seen.

    What rubbish.... Seriously disappointed by the game when I saw this. Transmission of knowledge via the stupid/racist Dragon Lady trope?

    Not to mention Dragon characters can only be some shade of yellow or brown.

    aww shit better not tell my Caucasian character that's dragon, he might realize it's only for Asians!

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