Ouya’s First Official Game Is By Ex-Call Of Duty Exec Robert Bowling

Ouya’s First Official Game Is By Ex-Call Of Duty Exec Robert Bowling

The first Ouya-exclusive game will be a prequel to Human Element, a post-apocalyptic zombie game by former Infinity Ward Creative Strategist Robert Bowling. [Kickstarter]


  • So $5,000,000 gets the devs the creative strategist from MW, get ready to see 4 of the same game released year after year with minor graphical improvements. Just another reason that I, as a console gamer, will not be picking up this console

    • so you refuse to buy this on the “suspicion” that it will be plagued with the issues that current consoles (that you already stated you own) already posess?

      i would at least give it some respect, the ex cod developer is probably ex for a reason

    • Fair enough. It’s nice to see people with strong opinions and convictions that stick to them, regardless of what they are.

      • Thinking back, that was a bit harsh of me to say, Ouya is a pretty cool idea, I think it’ll work out well for them and the creative strategist probably didn’t have THAT much say over Infinity Ward’s products, despite the title.
        However, since it is an open platform, good so far, it is more susceptible to modders and hackers, the one thing consoles have over PCs is that there is much less of this.
        Regardless, I humbly retract my overeaction about the IW exec

    • Infinity ward released 4 games a year?

      Please take me to the planet you come from because I enjoy their products and titles no matter how ‘stale’ people consider them to be.

      Shame they only release a game every two years.

      • I was more referring to the CoD knockoffs such as Homefront, there is at least 4 of the same each year. This is not Infinity Ward’s fault by any stretch, but when you take on board the same people, the same problems are just as likely to re-occur.
        Either way MW did re-vitalise the, seemingly, dying military FPS genre and more power to them, it’s the people who try to capitalise on their work that ruins the pubicity for MW and making them appear stale.

  • I think you’ll find they were planning android tablet release and now have refocused and probably got premium support and even a little funding

  • The Ouya feels similar to those old 25 games in one cartridges
    not particularly deep or long lasting, but you feel like you got your moneys worth… at least at first

  • a zombie game for a 1080p console that uses the same guts as my phone, i have no idea what is so exciting about this silly console.

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