People Resort To Some Terrible Things For Survival In DayZ

From the YouTube creators that brought you the live-action video of the miserable experience that is finding each other in Arma II mod, DayZ, comes this latest live-action episode.

This time, the two survivors are pushed to steal precious beans from an innocent bystander. Oh, the things we'll do to win games. Shame on you.


    they should add suicide to the game. It would be pretty intense to witness someone killing themselves after they've been surrounded and have no hope of surviving.

    What i find absolutely ridiculous is nobody is forced into anything. all you have to do is hit abort and you leave the server and can come back in any other server in the same spot on the map without the people threatening you there.

      You are a gutless coward if you do this! its one step short of installing hacks so you never run into people

        To true, players constantly logging out at the first sign of trouble is ruining the game.

          they should add a 10 second logout timer or something. and when you click it, it says "user example is logging out".

            yeah world of warcraft style logout

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