Persona 3, Catherine, Lots Of Other Games 50% Off This Month

News of an Atlus sale is always welcome around these parts. Throughout all of July, you'll be able to buy Persona 3 Portable for $US10 and Catherine for $US20. Other PSP/PS3/Vita games are all half off too! [PlayStation Blog]


    Woo US PSN! I might pick up Persona 2 at least to round out my digital collection. Roll on August for Persona 4 Arena!

    Hope this sale applies to Australia.

      Make a US account, you'll save a fortune.

        But if you're getting them on your Vita bear in mind you've got to swap your system over to use a US PSN account.

        Not that that's a huge problem I guess.

    Decent sale. Might grab me some bacon.

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