Peter Molydeux's Game Is A Giant, Hype-tastic Tease

Curiosity is the name of the first title legendary designer Peter Molyneux has worked on since leaving Lionhead. This is not a trailer for that game.

Well, it is, kind of. It's brilliant satirist Peter Molydeux's trailer for Curiosity, which takes Molyneux's penchant for hype and blows it quite literally out into space.


    I'm literally waiting for the troll face to pop up...

      Usually something that is a surprise on the internet turns out to be a penis so that's my bet for what's in the box.

    PLEASE! for the love of all that is holy and good, will someone make a website with a counter that shows how many morons buy into this so we can laugh uncontrollably at them until we tire of it and be left with an equal mix of pity and revulsion at thier lack of even average sense to realise that Peter Molyneux is once again lying through his teeth with this obvious and ridiculous scam.

    Please don't encourage him, it will only lose you precious money and will not get him the professional help he obviously needs. Let him hit rock bottom folks, just so he can start the road to mental recovery. :)

      While admit a lot of his games are hyped up to an incredible level, it doesn't mean that his games have been bad.

      I have enjoyed quite a lot of them over the years.

      A lot of them have been really good infact.

        Nooo, peter hasnt made a true, honest and good game since Black and White 2.

        The fable games have been a false hope.
        He always says this game will have this, you can do this in this game dadidadadi.
        But when we get the game its just another fable game and Fable 3 was a dumbed down version of Fable 1 and 2.

        Peter is a verysik man and needs help.

        This new game is gonna make people spend so much money on it that when they get to the secret prize, everyone will be pissed of and Peters career will be over. Like seriously how does this little "scam" of his improve his game making skills, how does it improve the industry and HOW is it Important.

        Peter is just talking his own games up again to get people excited, but I dont think many people listen to him anymore, and the whole game industry is sik of him.

    Schrodinger... I reckon theres a cat in that box but it can only be thought of as dead. Because curiosity killed the cat.

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