Phantasy Star Online 2 Hacked As An Alleged Prank

Free-to-play online game Phantasy Star Online 2 was hacked, and non-playable characters were moved about as, it seems, some sort of prank.

In the game's Ship02 location, non-playable characters were moved out of players reach, making it impossible to interact with important NPCs. As you can see in the screenshots, the non-playable characters were placed on high structures and behind glass.

Today, Sega announced that it was aware of the hack and that it was investigating the matter. Sega also stated that player data was not leaked in this hack.

If you happen to see non-playable characters moved into funny locations, Sega asks that you move to another play area. If you see cheaters, you can report them via the wicked user form.

Japanese sites are blaming foreigners for the attack and are pasting chat transcripts that seem to indicate that the alleged hackers were English speakers who are apparently upset that the game doesn't have global servers. The chat log seems to indicate that these individuals have been doing this since the game's closed beta and that they think they should do this NPC shuffle again.

Sega has aggressively being going after cheaters and individuals engaged in real-money trade transactions. So far, 75 accounts have been banned. This alleged griefing could impact how Phantasy Star Online 2, currently in beta in Japan, is rolled out in the West next year.

Ship02での不正行為について [PSO2]

『ファンタシースターオンライン2』 のサーバーがクラックされて大変なことになっている!?NPCがありえない位置にいるぞwww [オレ的]


    I want to see a hack to get it OffLine!

    That's an awesome way to protest non global servers

      This is an awesome way of getting all non-Japanese, or at the very least English speaking people banned from the PSO2 Beta. . .

      They just goddamn announced a western release goddamn days ago. . . give them goddamn time before you start doing shit like this that could get innocent people banned. . .

        Sorry, let me clarify. The game was released in Japan only a few days ago. . .

        However considering the game is F2P I would not be surprised if that meant the admins were a little less restrained when it came to banning people, especially those from outside of Japan.

    Lol the internet what an amazing place

    English speaking players dont want global servers

    Honestly I hope PSO2 JP ban all US IP.

    Then everyone will be happy.

    American always use violence way to get what they want. Next? a nuke?

      Gotta let that Hiroshima hate go bro. We have forgiven you for all the fucked shit.

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