Pipe Bomb Attack Blamed On “Video Game Community”

Pipe Bomb Attack Blamed On “Video Game Community”

An alarming attack on a home in New Jersey, in which several pipe bombs were thrown through windows, has ended with the targeted family blaming the incident on involvement in a “video game community”.

Two pipe bombs were thrown into the house in Monroe, New Jersey, both of which exploded, with a third being tossed inside just as police were arriving on the scene.

“…we hid in the closet because then we heard another explosion”, Jeanne Bezerra, one of the victims, told CBS. “While we were on the phone with 911 the fire alarms went off and the emergency person was telling us to leave the house, but we said we think we’re under attack, and we’re afraid if we leave the house we are going to get shot.”

Police quickly arrested three men – Michael and Jonathan Cavallo, and Matt Debski – and after finding a further eight pipe bombs, all three are facing 21 charges each.

The Bezerra family believe the motivation for the attack was “their oldest son’s involvement in a video game community”. It’ll be interesting to see just what kind of community it is, given the extreme nature of the attack.

N.J. Family’s Home Attacked By Series Of Pipe Bombs; Suspects May Be Linked To Gaming Community [CBS New York]


    • “also family should blame themselves for not raising their son right.”

      But their son wasn’t the one throwing bombs??

      • He must of seriously pissed off some one online by being a troll, or ninja’d some epic loot. How is that not raising your son wrong?

        • Ninja some loot? Yeah I’ll just bomb your house and try to kill your family, totally reasonable. Fuck off blaming the victim here.

  • Left 4 Dead anyone? I’m sure this has nothing to do with gaming what so ever though. More likely it’s gang/drug related.

  • I’m less concerned with the family blaming the son – more on the fact that they’re not associating themselves with the gaming community.

    I mean – buying a house, raising a family, living in a challenging neighbourhood – sounds like someone’s been playing a little too much Sims.

  • Of course it is the fault of the gaming community. As was World War 2, the Bali Bombings and 9/11. If only that dangerous, violent community of weapons trained extremists, was kept in check.

  • Its gotta be that goddamn Farmville community, what with their obvious affinity toward homemade explosives.

  • Its simple, their son was trolling in left4dead, so the 3 arrested thought it would be funny to use something from the game and make it ironic.

  • dear family
    did you ever think that maybe your son is lying to you about this “video game community” he is in, and it may actually be a “gang community”?

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