Playing Battlefield 3 When Suddenly OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE

Ok ok, that's kind of mean. Here's this guy, living with this disability, trying to fight a war. And then there's the guy following him around, knifing and shooting him. We should all be a little more respectful.

But keep the fire ready just in case things go bad.

bf3 hulk glitch ftw !!! [YouTube via AmazingFilms247]


    Looks like DK mode from GoldenEye, but with crazy eyes!

    I must have needed a laugh - I couldn't stop...Love the "Here’s this guy, living with this disability" - gold

    No but seriously, what the hell?

    man i wish this would happen to me Lol so awesome

    all snipers should gradually transform into this the longer the stay crouched in the same area.

    DK Mode

    Um pretty sure this video is likes ages old and the guy has just taken it from someone elses channel.

    I'm pretty sure thats what my model always looks like...feels like it anyway crazy bf players

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