Pokemon White/Black Version 2 Has An Australian Release Date

Pokemon White/Black Version 2 Has An Australian Release Date

Back when I was the Editor of Official Nintendo Magazine, I had a meeting with Nintendo to talk about their upcoming releases. At the time Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid: Other M and Skyward Sword hadn’t come out yet. I mentioned how excited I was about ‘the big three’. The guys at Nintendo said ‘what about Pokemon?’ I said, ‘what about it?’ For some weird reason I never really ‘got’ that Pokemon was a big deal. But it is! So while I, personally, don’t care too much about Pokemon Black/White Version 2, and when it’s going to come out. I know some of you guys/girls do!

So yeah, October 11 is the date. Pokemon White/Black Version 2 is a DS game, but the 3DS does have backwards compatibility, so you will be able to play on your 3DS.

So yeah, it may not be for me — I was just that little bit too old when Pokemon was popular — but good luck to all those who love it!


    • I played Pokemon back in the 90s… then a couple of times in the 00s. It was fun back then. By the time they trotted out what is essentially the same experience again in Black/White, it was getting very stale and I was well and truly done.

      The problem is that the main games are essentially time sinks, so they need to a) reduce the amount of time wasted on pointless actions and b) offer new experiences to justify the 50-100 hours of gameplay you need to finish the adventure properly.

      They haven’t done either (I’ve found that the battles since leaf green have actually become much slower – speed up the frickin’ text already!), so I can’t see why anybody would be excited about new versions if they have *any* of the old ones.

      Rant over.

      #oldmanbatguy !

      • Black/White tried to shake up the ‘7 badges, final encounter with evil team, catch mascot Pokemon, last gym badge, Elite Four’ formula at least, which was a welcome surprise I thought. Maybe not enough to please everyone, but I liked it. :p

        • Maybe it does pick up in the end game, but I’ll admit that I gave up pretty early when I contracted a massive case of “been there, done that”.

      • I enjoyed white a lot recently however the last game I played before that was silver on my gameboy colour so for me it seemed very fresh in comparison :p

        They really badly need to speed up the intro and text of the battles, especially if you are doing encounter after encounter looking for a rare in the grass.

      • If you find battles take too long you can always go into the options menu and set the text speed to fast, if that still doesn’t make it fast enough you can set animations to off and also make it so it doesn’t ask you to change Pokemon every time you take out one of the enemies.

        Also, while still a case of beating Gyms and stopping the evil team B/W is actually refreshingly different if you give it a chance, to put that in perspective I stopped playing Platinum around badge 6 and SoulSilver around badge 3 because I was sick of the formula.

  • Pokemon has a strategy, make the same game for the same target audience and don’t try to appeal to your aging demographic. It works in a business sense, but I really feel the series could have evolved into something greater than what it is if they’d just tried to make sequels instead of remakes.

  • I’m the odd one out with my friends. They all love Pokemon and I’m just like, “what’s the big deal?”. Doesn’t make me very popular sometimes haha.

  • Ive had to play Pokemon Stadium at work these last few days on the ole N64……painful! Lol but I know someone who’s gonna be very happy about this:)

  • Dam, I would really like to play one of these but I haven’t touched a Pokemon game for years (not since Emerald I think).

  • Gotta love the enthusiasm of this article! He really captures the excitement that Pokemon fans must be feeling about this announcement.

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