Potaku 5: Potaku Balboa

Potaku 5: this is beyond a gritty reboot. This is golden celebration of all that the franchise was and could be in the future. It's magical.

Once more I'll leave it to ShiggyNinty to introduce this week's Potaku podcast.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, TAYbies and babies, we have Kotaku Royalty in the house, give it up for the First Lady of Kotaku and now officially the First Lady of Potaku, Lady Strange!

Welcome to Episode 5 of Potaku, the Kotaku Community Podcast! On this week’s episode we have as usual the ever talented Doc What and special guests AlexandhisPants and Strange! This time around we discuss “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. What do we mean by this you ask? PERHAPS YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THESE SMOOTH VOICES AND LET THE SOUNDS INVADE THOSE EAR CAVITIES TO FIND OUT?

As usual we have Community Playdates set up. I figured people may be getting sick of all the blam blam, pew pew and kabooms of shooters and action, so we’re taking to the open road and having a good ol’ time on the track. On Xbox 360 on Tuesday we have Forza 4 at 8:30PM EST. On PS3 this Wednesday we have Gran Turismo 5 at 8:30PM! Grab patches, DLC, gamertags/ID’s and the like and get ready to burn rubber. Now that we all have met the Pyro and Pyromania has invaded Team Fortress 2, Thursday at 8:30PM EST we’ll have a few rounds of that, gotta get that vintage Pyrovision! And as usual we have Monday Night Halo Fights on Xbox 360.

Remember to leave either myself or Doc What any feedback, requests, comments or suggestions either on our Twitter or emails!

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Thanks for listening everyone and we hope you enjoy!


    That Shiggy sure knows how to write. He's so handsome.

      He sure is! If same sex marriage was legal... and polygamy was too... I'd be asking for his hand in marriage right now. He's such a catch!

    I knew there was something I was supposed to listen to today! It's going to have to wait until later now though, too busy Shameless Gaming (insert article link here for Shameless Cross-Promotion).

    Sorry Strange!

    For defining moments I forgot to mention the Halo 3 end run with the vidmaster achievement with all those requirements. Great way to spend 3 hours yelling at your other friends for being horrible drivers.

      Yeah, I also forgot to mention something import for defining moments.
      The original Deus Ex.
      I played through a good portion of the game, just doing what everyone in the game told me to do, basically. And then someone told me a certain unfortunate event could be avoided if you didn't do what the in-game person told you to do, and just went the other way instead. The thought that I didn't have to follow in-game people's instructions and just go with the flow, that instead I had the power to make things seemingly better by going my own way was incredible.
      I restarted the game so I could prevent that unfortunate thing from happening and never regretted it for a second.

        Ha! Something important, even.
        I need Doc What? to work his editing magic on my written comments, too. :P

        I played the Deus Ex demo and when you're at the agency I explored around and walked into the ladied bathroom to be met by a female co-worker who called me 'unprofessional'.
        My teenage self had a laugh and I went on my way, later on when being briefed by the boss of the agency he gives my my orders and then adds a follow up by telling me to stay the hell out of the ladies bathroom.

        Blew my freaking mind.

          Hahaha, yeah I remember that. I also remember I'd automatically taken JC to the ladies because that's where I'm used to going in real life. :P

          Awesome game. So much attention to detail.

    Hi Strange!

      Hi Bishy! :D

        I like how pre-intro you just giggle at Shiggy needing to pee!
        Whole thing made me smile.

          I had trouble not just giggling for the whole episode instead of saying something. :P

    Must've been OS when this started? Probably.

    Entertaining stuff guys. ;-)

      Interesting comments about LA Noire! I quit the game quite early because I couldn't stand Cole; found him boring and completely lacking in personality.

    I mentioned this on twitter, but Doc I think you at one point asked for an 'Irredeemable' character.
    I don't know if you were referring to the character being irredeemable as in poorly made, but I heard your words and instantly thought of Jeff from GTA4.

    Thoughts? Any other characters you guys can think of that are this level of bad>?

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