Potaku 6: Unplugged

The Potaku. It lives. It continues to live no matter what. No man, nor beast can kill it. It is a beautiful thing. You should listen to it.

Once more I'll leave it to the Shiggster to let you know what went on in this week's episode.

Man, sometimes I spoil you kids... not only do we have a regular Potaku episode for you, starring Trjn and Freyr, but we have a brand spankin’ new semi-regular show called Potaku Unplugged for you all. ALL THE FUN AND MORE RAMBLING. YOU KIDS LIKE RAMBLING RIGHT?

Welcome to Potaku Episode 6, the Shameless Gaming episode! This week we have Shameless Gaming creator and driving force behind it all, Trjn, to talk to us about it all. We also have a true and certified Doctor! Got an itch that won’t go away? Got a pancreas that is on the fritz? Talk to Freyr! She’s also a great talker and awesome to boot!

We also welcome you to Potaku Unplugged! The Unplugged segments aim to be a break away from the more serious episodes and are just going to be an hour or so of banter. This is Part One of our recent trip to Canberra starring myself, Doc What, Bish, Effluvium Boy and Anonymous Pessimist. Let us know what you think!

As for Community Playdates we have dem fightan gaems for both PS3 and Xbox 360. For Xbox 360 on Tuesday night we have Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 at 8.30pm EST. For PS3 we also have Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on Wednesday at 8.30pm EST. Remember to grab any patches, DLC, costumes or on-disc DLC you need and have at it chumps! And don’t think I forgot you Master Race PC Players! On Thursday at 8.30pm EST we have Left 4 Dead 2! Grab a shotty, grab your pills and shoot some zombies!

Remember to leave either myself or Doc What any feedback, requests, comments or suggestions either on our Twitter or emails!

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    At some point, I will get around to listening to these...

      Yeah, I'm with you man. I think I'll dedicate this week to listening to one each night. That sounds like a good plan.

    I hear Shiggy is a demon in the sack.

      It's like burning in a sulphurous pit while he jabs you with a pitchfork?

        Horrific wailing and gnashing of teeth?

          Nothing gets my motor running like a mournful wind from the howling voices of a million tortured souls.

    Listened to episode 6 on the way in to work this morning, will probably listen to Unplugged part 1 on the way home. Good episode, good discussion. I was worried the "topic of the week" formula might be a bit restrictive (the only other podcasts I listen to are Rooster Teeth and Internet Box which are generally random/topical) but so far, so good!

    I'm waiting on ringtones for all the singing in Unplugged, guys.

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