Potaku 7: Hot Pot

Potaku is a community podcast created by the community, for the community. It's awesome, and you should listen to it. And if you want to appear on it? That's also a possibility, since the creators Doc What and ShiggyNinty are always looking for folks to help out! But first, just listen, because it's great!

I'll leave it my main diggy dawg ShiggyNinty to give you the rundown on this week's episode.

Welcome to Potaku Episode 7! On this week’s episode we talk about levels and what makes them great, bad, annoying and frustrating! To join us this week we have Rocketman and Lamboman! These two young rapscallions provide some great conversation even if they are just a bunch of whippersnappers!

As usual we have community playdates set up on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC! On Tuesday at 8:30PM EST we have Trials Evolution! For PS3 on Wednesday at 8:30PM we have Motorstorm Apocalypse and for PC on Thursday we have Counter-Strike: Source. Remember to grab any patches, DLC and get people on your friends list as well!

Remember to leave either myself or Doc What any feedback, requests, comments or suggestions either on our Twitter or emails!

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    Re: topic of the week. I'd say that my two favorite levels are: Ravenholme in Half Life 2, played without using any guns - crazy, scary, frantic physics fun; and Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Zone - second level of the game and it really showed how the sequel had really taken the concept up a notch, with blinding speed, pumping music and futuristic graphics.

    Only 2 posts in here? =(

    I'd have to say one of my all time favourite levels would be the School in THPS2, I loved that level, the Hangar was pretty awesome too!

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