Potaku 9: I Still Know What Potaku Did Last Summer

We're almost at the end of Potaku's first season (yeah, apparently there are seasons) and I'd just like to say what an awesome thing it is to have a community so strong that it can actually support a podcast. I RUV U GUIZ.

Once again I'll leave you in the capable(?) hands of ShiggyNinty to do the whole Potaku round-up/summary type thing. This description comes with a strong LOADS OF CAPS LOCK TYPING WARNING!


Welcome to Episode 9 of Potaku! On this week’s episode, starring Shadow Rize and Red Artifice, we talk about the grand and vast universe that is the Multiplayer realm. Do we love or lament multiplayer? WHY WOULD I TELL YOU HERE? GO LISTEN! WHAT’S THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO LISTEN? WELL that’s OK but we’d like you more if you did.

We have as usual community playdates set up for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. On Tuesday at 8:30PM EST we have Saints Row The Third. On PS3 the following night at 8:30PM we also have Saints Row The Third. I dunno about you guys but I really want to slap someone across the face with a 6ft long giant phallus! On PC we have Left 4 Dead 2 at 8:30PM EST Thursday.

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    The picture represents our community, because we may be bad to begin with, but with love and kindness, we grow into better players and help others. Good Guy Greg is the perfect representation of what we are. NICE DUDEZ

    Have to agree with Rize. Had a great time with Ass Bro and Ass Rev multiplayer.

      Yeah it was a very pleasant surprise. Brotherhood's multiplayer was a real gem. Revelations a little less so, but still fun.

        In my opinion Rev improved upon Brotherhood's formula, with the new modes and honorable death mechanic, etc.

          It did, but I don't feel it went far enough.

          Also, people were still running around like idiots.

            At least there was no more stun-locking though.

          I think that the gameplay changes were fine, but somewhere along the way it lost some of its charm. I dunno, I didn't really take any interest in the multiplayer personas or the locations at all, whereas in Brotherhood I had stupid nicknames for the personas, and they all felt really distinct and varied. Maybe that's the wrong way to form an opinion on it though, because I did really like honourable deaths and the like.

            Fair enough.
            I wasn't a fan of a few of the personae in Rev. Plus when you get killed by someone with that persona it pisses you off tenfold.

              Oh yeah, getting taunted on death wasn't very fun in that regard, either.


    Great ep guys - Splitscreen co-op has to be the best multiplayer experience, yet somewhat under-represented. Looking forward at Borderlands 2 (not that I've played the first one but hopefully all that praise extends to the co-op mode?)
    Also, I have a submission for the song of the week (not sure if it'll get through but it's going here anyway!): Streets of Rage 2 ending credits theme!

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