Quite Possibly The World's Greatest Game Of Thrones Cosplay

Game of Thrones sure opens itself up to some creative cosplay, but this really takes the cake. Not only does it capture two characters from the books, it immortalises one of the most iconic moments from the second book/season.

Warning- It's a season/book 2 spoiler!

The photo of this unnamed cosplayer was snapped last week at Comic-Con by Gene Miguel, and comes to us via pretty much everyone on Twitter today.

Excellent. Good King Renly deserves no less.


    I like how you can see half the real pic underneath the spoiler warnings. :\

      It tells who the spoiler is about, and therefore you can make the decision as to whether you care. If you don't care about being spoiled, then you can look, otherwise you have a character with a slight blackness behind them that may or may not be relevant.

      But it doesn't spoil anything. So cheer up.


    Looks like Littlefinger.

      This, I was confused for a bit, until I saw the crown.

    Little Finger has a goatee not a full beard.

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